May 27, 2024

House owner/real estate agent giving away the keys - house out of focus

House owner/real estate agent giving away the keys – house out of focus. When you’re letting out a property, you always want to attract the best tenants. They are more likely to stay longer and maintain the standard of the property, and the appearance of both the interior and exterior of the house can go a long way to achieving this. These are the areas you should concentrate on before you arrange viewings.

Even though you’re not selling the property, how it looks is still important for prospective tenants. If it’s in a good condition, then you are more likely to achieve the rental value you want. However, if prospective tenants walk into a property that’s dirty or in need of repair, they will probably look elsewhere. It is far more convenient and efficient to ensure that all maintenance is completed before you show tenants around.

Benefits of letting agents

If you’ve never rented out a property before or you have a large portfolio, using a letting agent could be beneficial. Agents such as Shanna Crumley can help you with advertising, carrying out viewings, vetting tenants, and dealing with any rent negotiations. They will also have knowledge of the local area and can assist you with ongoing checks and maintenance throughout the tenancy.

A driveway with curb appeal!

How to present the property

The outside of the property is the first area prospective tenants will see, and its appearance could make all the difference in convincing them to take a look inside. Tenants might even drive past a property before arranging a viewing, so you want to ensure that its exterior is looking as good as it should.

The garden should be tidy, with the grass cut and any weeds dug up. Tenants are often drawn in by a nice garden, but they are still looking for something that is simple and easy to maintain. Carry out any repairs to the exterior, such as fixing cracks in the wall or broken drain pipes. Remove any rubbish from the outside and give the woodwork a coat of paint if necessary.

The inside of the house also needs to be up to the right standards, as tenants won’t want to have to be cleaning up before they move in. If anyone is living in the property, ensure that the rooms are de-cluttered and clear out anything that’s not essential. You should attend to any necessary repairs, such as leaky taps or broken tiles. Finally, give the whole house a thorough clean and redecorate if necessary.

Decorating tips

If you’re looking to redecorate parts of the property before letting it out, then the best approach is to stay neutral and not personalize the house in any way. This will make it more likely to match the furniture and decor that the tenants have in mind. You should consider wear and tear when buying carpets, as the cheapest ones are unlikely to be durable enough for a rental property.

Attracting the very best tenants starts with those initial viewings. If your property is looking its best in the first place, then you are more likely to gain the type of tenant you really want.

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