June 15, 2024


As a book lover I am keen to tell the world about my favourite books and other things relating to reading. For me, there are few finer pleasures in life than settling down in front of the fire with a great read.

However, my life isn’t just about being a book worm and curling up on the sofa with the latest thriller. I live with my husband and our cat, who is called Raymond and who is our little furry treasure. We don’t have any children, which is a decision which we just kind of took without every really discussing it. We don’t regret it, though, and I simply can’t imagine what our laid back life would now be like if we had decided to have kids at some point.

I am now in my late 30s and it feels as though I am in the best spell of my life, to be honest. I now know what I like to do and feel as though as I have the freedom and financial stability to do it. Hopefully this will shine through in my blog posts and you will get to see why I enjoy some of the things which are so important to me.

I also really enjoy carrying out DIY projects around the house as well and feel that I am getting better at it too. In fact, we have just bought a bungalow around the corner which we plan to renovate in the near future. This big DIY project feels daunting right now but is sure to be really exciting. All of this is going to give me plenty to blog about in the coming months, so feel free to check in regularly to see how things are going.