May 27, 2024

If you want to sell your property, there are many ways that you can make your home more attractive to buyers, and one of the ways you could do this is to use your garden as a selling point. The best way to do this is not to mow your lawn (though this may be enough in some circumstances), but to use the garden as an area that people can use to entertain or relax. Here are the most popular uses that are likely to attract a buyer

Barbecue Area

There is no doubt that social people love to have barbecues in the summer, and having a dedicated barbecue area is a bonus for many buyers. Setting up a barbecue in the corner of the yard is not what will sell your property though; a site designed for the task is what is required. A paved or decked area is the minimum, but your barbecue spot should also have lighting and seating for guests. Entertainment is not a necessity, but if there is some in place when your property is being viewed, the viewer will see the potential

Play Area

Keeping your children active is important to their well-being and development; and hopefully, any family looking for a property will be aware of this. If you have a play area for your own children, this is a great selling point for your home. Fitting play-safe (rubberized) flooring and having dedicated child-safe equipment, shows that there is a safe environment for children, and providing child-sized tables and chairs will enable children to paint and draw outside. If the children come to view the property with their parents, the sight of them playing with the equipment can only increase the chance of a sale.

Pool Area

A well-kept swimming pool is an excellent use of garden space. Not only does it give hours of fun for your family and promote exercise, but it also increases the home’s value and selling potential. Having a pool room will increase the appeal even more, as journeys to the house are no longer needed, and cleaning up puddles around the home becomes unnecessary. A pool area with a pool house really is a great selling point for any home.

Dining Area

Dining outdoors can be a fantastic experience. Whether it is a light breakfast for a couple, or a full dinner for family and friends, eating outside can turn a good meal into a great one. A current ratio could be used for your outside dining area, but you will probably need to use a bigger table and supply more chairs than your current patio set includes. You should also consider fitting retractable roofing to avoid rained-off birthday parties or dinners with your boss. This is a surprisingly easy change to make that will have a big effect on many buyers, though, for the full effect, you should be creating a new area. A special area built with the right furniture and lighting can make diners feel they are in a luxury resort, and that should help any property to sell.

The chances are that you may need to make some investment in your property to make it attractive to buyers, but the beauty of these garden areas is that they will increase your property value too. With any of these dedicated areas in your garden, you will increase interest in your home, but with more than one… well the mind boggles.

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