Family Vacation Ideas

Family Vacation Ideas

Before you send the kids back to school, give them something to remember and boast about to their friends. Taking a family vacation can be challenging, amid busy schedules and tight budgets, but the benefits and the experience can make it worthwhile. There are some great family travel ideas that can not only provide a once-in-a-lifetime memory, but that can be cost-friendly as well

Exotic getaways and adventures

Visit a balmy and tropical locale, and book your stay in an area resort for an idyllic vacation that will long be remembered. There are some great beach-front resorts, such as fantastic spas along the Californian coast and the luxurious Villas Del Mar in the southern region of the state. Kids will enjoy the freedom and amenities that these resorts have to offer, and parents will appreciate the serene tranquility that these facilities can provide.

Weekend city shopping spree

If you are in the mood for something more urban, head to the city for a weekend of shopping. Hotels and inns in some major US locales may offer great rates for two and three night stays. This might be a great time to take teens to a concert or the theater, or to visit some unique retailers for back-to-school shopping trips. Look for weeknights to find the lowest rates at hotels, and if you pick an extended-stay type of hotel, you might get kitchen facilities among the amenities offered by some accommodations.

Cost-friendly camping trips

Camping is a popular favorite among families, and most kids enjoy the outdoor oriented activities that can accompany family camping adventures. You don’t need to travel far from home to find a campground that offers tent sites and cabin rentals for your family’s weekend. Look for resort-style campgrounds near a popular amusement or area attraction.

Camping can be a great idea for families as it can often be tailored to fit the vacation budget. By shopping and taking food, you can curb the travel costs related to eating-out. You will need little in terms of recreation, with most campgrounds offering on-site amenities that are included with the cost of renting space. Be sure to encourage the kids to save their spare change for the arcade or game room that family-friendly sites usually offer!

On-site amusements and indoor playgrounds

Any time a family can stay at an amusement park or indoor playground that offers an attached lodging option, this is a great family-friendly vacation destination. These may be a long car-ride from home, or might be something in the family’s own backyard. The time spent together, and the opportunity to spend a night away from home may be just the excursion that the whole family needs before school starts back up in the fall.

All-inclusive family vacations

Some resorts offer an all-inclusive type of getaway, and this is a great option for budget-conscious families. This is also found in cruises, and some of the shorter three to five day trips are often one of the cheapest ways to travel to exotic locations. Many ships offer amenities that are geared toward young travelers, including day camps, water parks, arcades, and outings.

There are numerous options that exist for families looking to get away from it all. Whether you are seeking a weekend retreat for you and your kids, or a summer vacation for the whole family, there are some great ways to travel that don’t have to cost an arm or a leg.

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Reducing Accidents at Home

Reducing Accidents at Home

Many accidents inside and outside the home are preventable. First, look at who resides in the home. You may require different safety features for various ages. For instance, an elderly family member who moves into your home will need different types of safety elements than a toddler or small children. However, even homes without children or seniors should have certain accident prevention items in place

Elderly Accident Prevention

Senior individuals often suffer from mobility problems. They may not have the balance they used to, or be less flexible. One of the worst places for accidents for the elderly can be the bathroom, getting into or out of the shower or bathtub, or trying to get up from the toilet.

Grab bars in the shower or tub are a necessity for the elderly. This allows them a handle to grab onto to steady themselves as they step in or out of the tub. The grab bar should be long and wide enough for a person to hold on to tightly. It should also be at the correct height, neither too low nor too high.

Slip proof mats on the floor of the shower or bathtub are also needed. However, don’t forget right outside the shower. You’ll need a sturdy floor rug for the senior to step out onto so he or she doesn’t slip and fall.

Child Accident Prevention

Avoiding furniture with pointy edges, placing gates at the top and bottom of stairs, and baby-proofing kitchen and bathroom cabinets are a few of the items you must take care of before a newborn arrives.

Also, consider installing guards on your child’s bedroom windows, especially if the room is located on the second floor of the home. Don’t use blinds or drapes with long cords. The cords can wrap around their necks causing serious injury.

Put away ladders or stools once you’re finished using them. Children are curious and may climb these items resulting in a fall.

Make sure the play area outside has grass. Children will fall when playing, but soft grass is much better than hard concrete.

Adult Accident Prevention

Throw rugs provide dimension and a burst of color to a room, but they can also result in falls if they tend to slide. Install a rug runner under throw rugs to prevent them from sliding. In addition, avoid thick throw rugs. The thicker the rug, the increased chances someone may trip over it.

Place night lights in hallways and bathrooms. Get rid of clutter. This includes children’s toys scattered during the day. While it may seem redundant to put away toys every evening, you’re preventing a fall just waiting to happen.

Clutter isn’t only relegated inside the home. Accidents can occur outside when bikes or skateboards are left on the sidewalk. The garage is another area in which clutter can accumulate and cause unnecessary injury from falls. Pick up tools and materials and put them in the proper place in the garage. Install peg posts and have your children hang their bicycles, skateboards and other items on the garage wall. This helps to declutter the garage, provide extra room, and keeps falls and injuries to a minimum.

You can keep your family safe by reducing the chance of accidents and falls by following these tips. Affordable medical supplies can help you make your home a safer place.

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The Importance of Home Service

The Importance of Home Service

Frugal and savings seem to be the key words for consumers these days. While it is understandable that one would want to save as much money as possible, many are misinformed on ways to save, and as a result end up wasting money. When it comes to household systems and repairs, preventative maintenance is always a consumer’s best defense against high costs. Though it might seem a bit backwards to spend money as a method for saving it, maintenance contracts from various service providers can save on future repairs, emergency requests, and more.

Heating and Cooling Systems

Your heating and cooling systems essentially account for about half of your home’s energy costs each year. Therefore, making sure those systems are always functioning at their best can save you a great deal of money. A maintenance contract for your heating and cooling systems is generally a lot more affordable than the cost of major repairs and maintenance.

An HVAC company can provide annual service contracts for both your heating and cooling systems in the home. These service contracts will include things such as cleaning filters, coils, and other system parts to improve efficiency and may also include repairing or replacing minor issues within the system. These services can improve the overall efficiency of your system, detect issues before they become serious, and ensure that your system lasts for several years.

Plumbing Maintenance Plans

While minor issues can be handled with a simple plunger and some plumbing solutions, there is still a need to hire a plumbing professional on an annual basis. The plumbing system in your home is interconnected. Therefore, when something goes wrong in the bathroom, it is only a matter of time before it can spread throughout the entire home costing you hundreds of dollars to repair.

A preventative maintenance contract would assure that you don’t have to worry about issues such as the whole house flooding, clogged drains, septic issues, and more. A plumbing maintenance contract will include things such as pipe inspections, system flushing (i.e. hot water heater and septic tank), and well as other minor repairs and replacement services.

Electrical System Maintenance

Neglecting your electrical system can not only lead to high costs and repairs, but it can also be a grave risk to your safety and the integrity of your home. One overlooked electrical issue could start a fire or result in the need for an entire upgrade. Electrical maintenance contracts can help you to save money and protect your family and home from the potential dangers it can cause. Electrical maintenance services might include an annual energy audit, a thorough inspection of your home’s lighting and electrical system, fire and CO detector inspections, as well as minor repairs where necessary.

So as you can see, it pays to be proactive when it comes to the systems within your home. Your heating and cooling, plumbing, and electrical systems are essential to the daily function of most consumers, and therefore they should be serviced at least once per year. Not only does investing in a maintenance service contract provide you with additional savings, but it can also give you the peace of mind in knowing that your home, your personal belongings, and those you care about most are safe from harm’s way.

Maintain Your Air Conditioner Throughout All the Seasons with These Tips

Maintain Your Air Conditioner Throughout All the Seasons with These Tips

Even though the last thing you may think about is the air conditioner in any month other than summer, it’s important to maintain your unit throughout all the seasons. There’s nothing more frustrating than going to turn on your AC on a 95-degree day at the start of July and – no response. Then what? All the HVAC technicians are busy installing units around your community. Good luck trying to find one who’s available on short notice. That’s why you need to keep up with your AC unit all year long to pinpoint problems and address them quickly so they don’t become bigger. Check out these tips for how to maintain your system all year long.

Change the Filters in Summer

Just like the filters in your car, your air conditioner has filters than can get clogged by dirt, dust and debris. Given that the unit constantly circulates air from both inside and outside, it’s not hard to imagine the dirt that can get trapped. Failing to change out the filters in summer can lead to poor air quality and inefficient operation of the unit. When airflow is restricted, dirt can pass to the evaporator coil and prevent the coil from absorbing heat. You can lower your air conditioner’s energy consumption by five to 15 percent just by regularly changing your filters, says The type of filter you have – reusable or replacement – will depend on the type of unit you have. If you have one that is reusable, thoroughly clean it in warm, soapy water, dry it, then return it to the unit. Change your filter once or twice per summer, or more frequently if you have pets or if you live near a construction site, for example, that is generating a lot of dust.

Closing up Shop for Fall and Winter

When the dog days of summer have bid their farewell, it’s time – reluctantly – to prepare for the harsh realities that fall and winter will bring. If you have a window unit, it’s time to either cover them outside with a seal-tight material that will protect it through the winter, or remove the unit from the window completely. No matter which type you have, give it a good cleaning with a clean, damp rag to get all the dirt from summer off. If you have the removable type, store your unit in the box it came in, with all the padding and packing materials if possible to protect it until you will need its services again.

Spring Prep

Preparing for the upcoming summer months in spring is a wise idea. You have plenty of time to call in a professional if you need it, and you can troubleshoot any issues that arise without feeling the pressure. It’s important to find a reliable AC repair technician in your area who can check the refrigerant, test for leaks, measure airflow, inspect electric terminals, check for worn belts or motors, and ensure the thermostat’s accuracy. There are many things you can do throughout the year to keep your air conditioner in tip-top shape. Just don’t neglect these tasks or you will pay for it come summer. Be diligent about service and you will be rewarded with cool, efficient, dirt-free air.

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Choosing a Roof for Your Home

Choosing a Roof for Your Home

Imagine coming home to find that your home is drenched as a result of a roofing leak that went unresolved for months. The cost to repair the damage to your home and replace the roof can be expensive. Believe it or not, many homeowners find out the hard way that they should have replaced their roof years ago, and as a result they suffer the consequences of further structural damage and costs. Your best bet? Consider the signs that it’s time to replace your roof, and begin in advance to find a roof type that best suits your needs.

Signs You Should Replace Your Roof

There are several factors that could help consumers realize when the need to replace their roof has arrived. Some factors that you will need to consider are the age of the roof, the structural condition of the roof, and the frequency in which the roof needs repairs. If the roof is older than ten years old, has a lot of structural damage, and needs repairs every other month, this is a high sign that you should simply replace your roof altogether.

Types of Roofing Materials

The roofing materials you choose will first depend on the type of roof you have. Flat roofs, for instance, require a different type of roofing material than pitched roofs. Therefore, determine if your roof is flat or pitched before considering the types of materials you have to choose from. The most common types of roofing materials used are asphalt shingles, wood, metal, tile/cement, and slate.

Cost of Materials

When considering roofing materials, you should not only consider their physical appearance. It is important that you also consider how much the materials are going to cost. This can be done by completing your own price analysis online, or by consulting with a roofing company about your material options and prices. When factoring price however, keep in mind that cheap is not always the ideal solution. Remember to consider other factors such as durability, ease of installation, and of course personal style preference.

Durability of Roofing Materials

Longevity is important when factoring in the roofing materials you will choose. Learning a bit about how long each roofing material is said to last can help you in making the best investing decision. Asphalt shingles are the least expensive and most common roofing materials chosen. They can last an average of 20 to 30 years with proper maintenance. Wood is prone to weathering and therefore will only last about 25 years if you’re lucky. Metal is very durable and is becoming increasing popular for roof selections. It is said to last about 30 to 50 years. Tiles are also a good option and can last a good 30 years before requiring replacements, while slate is the most costly and most durable of all. Slate roofing can last 100 years or more.

Hiring a Contractor

When looking to hire a roofing contractor, you not only want to look for a company that will help install your new roof, but you also want to invest in a company that will service and repair your roof when necessary. Therefore you should look at factors that include their licensing and certifications, rapport within their community, and the services in which they provide. A company that will install your roof but also has services specializing in hail damage roof repair is beneficial to you in the event you need assistance.

Following these tips while also reviewing your personal budget will help you make the best decision as it pertains to replacing the roof of your home. If you need assistance in selecting the right roof for your home, consulting with a reputable contractor or company is ideal for the best advice.

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Holiday reading to leave you enriched

Holiday reading to leave you enriched

Before we get into the detail of the article, I really want to thank the team here for letting me post here with them.  It means a lot to be able to get something published for my Wedding websiteat great site like this.

Gone are the days when going on holiday meant turning a blind eye to your finances. These days it’s easy to manage your money from your sunlounger, and if you prefer to keep track of your incomings and outgoings just a stone’s throw from the pool there is a huge range of apps and ebooks to help, from day-to-day money management to checking your central heating system to keeping on top of exchange rates. Here are some of the best.

1 OnTrees website and app (free)

If you’re looking for somewhere to keep track of your finances in a simple, sustainable way, OnTrees may well be the answer.

Just enter the details of your current accounts, savings accounts and credit cards and OnTrees will sync them so you don’t have to keep accessing each one individually.

The app will also update your transactions overnight, dividing them into categories such as rent, travel and food, so that you can see where your money is going.

If you’re concerned about data security, it is worth knowing that their third-party partner is a financial services data expert, in addition to which the site and app are “read only”, which means that nobody can use OnTrees to move money around.

2 Your Wealth website and app (free)

For something with just a little more reach, try Your Wealth, which offers the Money Hub, a money management section similar to OnTrees, as well as details about your investments elsewhere and a tax, mortgage and pension calculator to give projections of — and advice on — your possible future wealth.

3 Retiready website (free)

With so many more options now on offer when planning for retirement it’s more important than ever to start working things out early. Aegon UK recently launched Retiready, a digital service that helps you keep track of your savings and determines your readiness for retirement by giving you a score out of 100. If you’re not on track, Retiready provides advice and tools to reorganise your funds to improve your score. The service also offers access to a Retiready Pension and Isa, but you can use the app to keep track of other pension providers too.

4 XE Currency website and app (free)

It’s free, it’s one of the best and it uses live currency rates so it’s as accurate as you’re going to get when it comes to exchange rates. No surprise that it’s been downloaded more than five million times.

5 Tado app (free app but the home system costs extra)

Control your home’s heating on the move with Tado, which uses the GPS inside your smartphone to track your location and activate or turn down the temperature depending on how far away you are from your home. The technology also features a thermostat, adjusting the temperature according to how warm it is outside and online weather forecast predictions.

Tado’s creators claim that it could save the average user around £180 a year, but you have to pay — either an upfront fee of £249 or a monthly rental of £6.99, but if you have not saved more than £120 of energy in the first year Tado will refund the rental costs.

6 Toshl Finance website and app (free)

Toshl is an expense and budget tracker that is particularly good for travellers, as it works with any currency and lets you separate your overall travel budget from your everyday spending. There are bill reminders and you can set up repeat expenses. It also syncs across multiple devices.

7 Easy Books app (free)

Anyone who has ever been self-employed or has run their own small business knows that going on holiday can be more fraught than it is relaxing if you don’t have an easy way of keeping an eye on how things are going back home. Easy Books is a well-presented book-keeping app that will show you profit and loss estimates, balance sheets, audits, VAT returns and cashflow statements at the touch of a button.

8 Trail Wallet App (free)

This app is perfect for longer adventures. You can use it to set daily and monthly budgets for single or multiple trips, specifying different currencies for each one and dividing expenditure into different categories such as accommodation and food. There’s even a section for “bribes” — which, one hopes, would be used infrequently.

9 Bloomberg website and app (free)

Whether you are an amateur investor or a pro, Bloomberg is a godsend for those who want to keep an eye on the markets even when they’re on holiday. The iPad model is particularly good, as the larger interface allows you to pull up a huge amount of data, tracking the indexes, currencies and companies you care about with ease, as well as your personal portfolio.

10 30 Day Money Plan Ebook (£1.99)

If you’re looking for a little light beach reading this isn’t it; on the other hand, if you want to come back from your holiday with a plan in place to overhaul your finances then this is on the money. Its author, Damien Fahy, founded, a website offering money-saving tips to consumers, and this book offers advice in a similar bite-sized format. Download from before you go and you could come back with a fresh understanding of the basics — mortgages, pensions, taxes and so on — as well as a new attitude to call centres (phone them for free and avoid the queues).

When local is best

The pound may have strengthened by more than ten per cent against the euro in the past 12 months but that won’t be much use to you if you get caught out by Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) — an “optional” service at some retailers and ATMs abroad where they offer you the chance to pay in sterling rather than the local currency.

Although this may seem like a sensible option given the favourable exchange rate for Brits this summer, this nifty little trick means that the retailer gets to determine the exchange rate used in the transaction. DCC can inflate costs by up to five per cent, leaving you paying much more than if you had paid in euros — or whatever the local currency is.

Sometimes you won’t even be given the option to pay in local currency — and the first time you will notice the high charges is when you get your bank statement, so it pays to be on your guard and check the currency and the amount at the point of sale.

There is nothing illegal about DCC, but the problem has become so widespread that earlier this year the Nationwide advised Britons heading abroad to brush up on their local language skils and learn how to say: “I want to pay in the local currency, please.” So, that’s: “Puedo pagar con divisa local, por favor?”in Spanish and “Je voudrais payer en devises du pays, s’il vous plait,” in French.

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A healthy cat is a happy cat

A healthy cat is a happy cat

Cats are very independent creatures if they need to be. They can easily amuse themselves chasing a shadow across a floor, scaring birds in the garden or simply by sitting on a window sill watching the world go by for hours on end. Just having a wash can seemingly take half a morning sometimes and they will come and go as they please without the need to be taken for a walk.

When life gets busy for us, particularly in a household with growing children, it’s easy to miss little signs or signals that perhaps your little feline friend is not feeling at their best. If they’re hungry and there’s no food in their bowl they will casually introduce themselves to your neighbours but if they have an accident or fall ill then they’ll head straight home to where they feel safe.

Our purring pals like to adventure and explore so having cat insurance will ensure that if something happens to your cat you won’t have to worry about how you’re going to pay the vet’s bill. Seeing a cherished pet unwell or hurt can be distressing for all the family, especially small children, so having a policy in place will ensure that they get the full treatment they need straight away.

There are plenty of policies for you to consider and More Than cat insurance policies are a popular option thanks to the varying levels of cover that are available and the flexible payment options.

Accidents happen all the time and if your cat is an active one it’s impossible to watch them every second of the day. When the seasons change and the ground gets wet a normally sure-footed cat can easily fall and hurt themselves while many cats get injured by curling up under a warm car and falling asleep.

These types of accidents are impossible to account for but keeping your cat healthy is relatively easy. Just follow these tips…

  • Always make sure that your cat has a fresh supply of clean water to drink especially if you feed it dry food which can be very dehydrating
  • Depending on the age and size of your cat you should tailor their portions of food appropriately, it’s rare that an animal will turn food down so if you don’t want an overweight cat then ask your vet for guidance on food portion size – read more about cat obesity here
  • Overweight cats can become unhealthy and need frequent trips to the vets so you should devise a food regime and stick to it which means not being tempted to give them treats just because they’re sitting on your lap!


Five Tips to Make Your New House Feel Like Home

Five Tips to Make Your New House Feel Like Home

After moving into a new house, it can take a while before it starts to feel like home, especially if you’ve moved out of a house you’ve lived in for years. The environment feels completely different, and creating a warm, inviting place can take a little time.

Here are a few tips to making this new place as comfortable and beautiful as the last home:

1. Amenities

When moving to a new house, one of the easiest ways to create a homey atmosphere is to have the amenities already set up within the house. If possible, make sure the TV and Internet are already hooked up, the water is turned on, and the electricity is on and working by the time you have moved in. Check out this Website to find the best deals.

2. Family Room

One of the best tricks to settle within your new home is to start one room at a time in order to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Start with whatever room you and your family will do most of your “living” in. Whether that’s the family room, the living room, or a bonus room, try to settle it as soon as possible—even if you think you’re going to paint later on or will want to move furniture around. Just the act of having an unpacked room will dramatically increase the warmth and charm within the home.

3. Unpack

Once you have one area settled, try to unpack the rest as quickly as possible. Living in boxes for months can make you feel like your living in a guesthouse or on vacation somewhere. When things are not set up or put away, the house feels impersonal. Bite the bullet and unpack as quickly as possible because something as little as being organized can change the house’s outlook from chaotic to cozy.

4. Paint

Sometimes white walls can feel stark and cold. Giving each room a quick paint job easily puts your personality in the home as well as added vibrancy and life to the home. Putting in effort to transform the home into a familiar, relaxed environment adds an attachment to the place. It is no longer the empty, unwelcoming place; instead, these personal touches make it a friendly environment.

5. Decorate

Nothing makes a house feel more like home than the personal touches of meaningful artwork, photographs, and familiar decor. Because the new house is set up differently than your old house, do not fixate on trying to put everything in the exact same place. Instead, allow your creativity to flow free and have fun decorating differently than the last place. Plus, you can always change decorations later. Test them out and see how you feel.

But, more than furniture, fill the space with people. Have a housewarming party, or weekly or monthly gatherings with friends and family. Sharing space with those who are most important will no doubt transform the empty house into a loving, personal home.

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Things on your bookshelf that are sure to impress

Things on your bookshelf that are sure to impress

Shelves are highly practical items of furniture. In fact, they’re a must in most homes and offices. After all, without these trusty objects, where would we put all our books? However, there’s more to shelving that simple functionality. These products also provide people with the chance to show off. By including the right items on their bookshelves, individuals can really impress their friends, family, colleagues and others.

If you’re keen to make a statement with the possessions on your shelves, take a look at these top tips.

Know your audience

No bookshelf is complete without, you guessed it, some books. However, the type of tomes you choose to showcase will depend on the audience you’re attempting to impress. If you’re focussing on storage in your office, you’ll want to include plenty of literature relating to the industry you work in. By displaying in-depth books on your field of expertise, you can show people you’re serious about your job, and highlight the fact that you know what you’re doing.

On the other hand, if you’re thinking about shelves in your home, it’s better to take a much more personal approach. OK, so some books about your work will fit in just fine, but it’s important to show you’re not a one-trick pony. Think carefully about precisely who you’re trying to impress and always try to include books covering a variety of topics. You might want to throw in some classic literature to indicate that you’re well read, and a few books on your hobbies will reveal more about your personality. Travel books can make a great addition too, and they are a fantastic conversation starter.

Display your achievements

As well as books, you can adorn your shelving with items that highlight your achievements, such as trophies and certificates. Don’t go overboard with this though. If you’re bookshelves are groaning under the weight of your prizes and awards, you risk looking either desperate or arrogant.

The personal touch

Another good idea is to add some personal touches to your shelves. For example, you can include a few framed pictures of your loved ones and some small ornamental objects that have special meaning to you. Perhaps you have mementoes from your favourite trips abroad that would look perfect next to your books.

Items like these can help to bring storage solutions to life and they reveal your more sensitive side. In office environments, they can also help to add some all-important cheer and interest.

Setting the scene

Of course, it is no good going to great lengths to impress with the contents of your bookshelves if these storage solutions don’t look the part themselves.

Luckily, it’s now simple to buy shelves that look superb and are practical and durable too. For example, by heading online, you can peruse the impressive array of items offered by companies such as Furniture At Work™. Make sure you select versions that perfectly reflect your sense of style and that will make the perfect stage for your possessions.


Today’s Trends In Home Security

Today’s Trends In Home Security

With statistics like one in every thirty-six homes will be burglarized in the United States, you should probably think about getting a home security system. If you already have one, there are a lot of ways that you can beef it up. With technology changing like it always does, everything changes to keep up with it. Home security is no exception. The technology that is available in 2014 is really extraordinary when you think about what alarms were just ten years ago.

Wireless Everything

Of course everything is wireless. When was the last time you saw a phone that had a cord attached to it? Texas Home Security from ADT claims that a wireless system and is quicker and easier to install when compared to an older wired model. There is less drilling done to your wall and plaster. And although it might not seem as reliable as a wired system, wireless systems are actually more resistant to burglaries because burglars have no wires to cut in order to turn off the system.

Smartphone Access

Of course with cell phones being the most used items in our daily life, you can obviously control your alarm system through apps on your cell phone. You can turn your alarm on and off with your cell phone, but you can also access live and saved footage from your surveillance cameras. This can give you peace of mind when you are at work or away on vacation. You might even be able to use it as a baby monitor. Most alarm systems can also be activated and controlled by a laptop or tablet when you are at work or on the go.


With the house flipping market on the rise again, of course having an alarm system will add value and even appeal to a new house on the market. But having an alarm system that is sleek and touch screen will give the house a cool factor that may seal the deal. That’s right touch screen. These new touch screen interfaces allow for easier use and control of the home security system and even lend themselves to customization. And with technology becoming more and more mainstream these new touch screen prices cost relatively the same amount as the older keyboard models.


This is one of the cooler although simple of the new features. Alarm systems can now send you texts, emails or notifications through an app of what is going on at your home or business. You can set your notifications to a number of different time periods or updates such as the alarm turning on and of or which code was used to open a door. These are helpful if you have a business in which multiple people know the alarm code or to keep up with your children entering and exiting the house.

Energy Management

Another awesome feature that more and more companies are beginning to catch on to is the energy management feature. From an app on your phone or tablet, you can do a number of things like turn on and off lights, adjust the thermostat, turn off running water or appliances. You can even lock doors that you might have forgotten to lock when you rushed out of the house.

If you are one of those old fashioned people that are not into new technology, most companies still offer the plain Jane models that have wires and a number pad.

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