How Grout Can Fix Ground Cracks

How Grout Can Fix Ground Cracks

Cracks and holes can occur in pretty much any surface, but there are many grouting techniques out there that can patch those voids to ensure safety and efficiency. First off, grouting is a process whereby slurry or grout is injected to fill subsurface soil and rock voids or even pores, according to Geo-Solutions. This helps to make the surface stronger and more resistant to water, thereby extending its life. With so many different variations of soil and rock grouting for a variety of projects, it’s no wonder you may feel overwhelmed when wondering which type of grouting technique is best for you. From simple to highly involved, each technique brings something different to the table in terms of cost and efficiency.

Types of Grout

You may be familiar with grout on a smaller scale when it comes to your bathroom and kitchen tiles or walls. You probably only realize grout is there when it starts to stain or crack. But other types of grout involve an even more complex purpose outside within the ground when it comes to soil and rock grouting. These types of grouting projects can range from mine grouting and dam repair to void filling and jet grouting. You may also require types like tunnel and pipe filling, and even subsidence remediation, which basically addresses the issue of sinkholes. Grouting outdoors involves the pumping of a cement-like material into the subsurface to achieve various objectives, such as structure settlement, filling voids and preventing the flow of water. Sometimes, you need to enlist the services of a geoenvironmental or geotechnical contractor that specializes in soil mixing, slurry walls, jet grouting and trenches, along with grouting services like slab jacking and mine void filling. In addition to jet grouting, other techniques include permeation, compaction, fracture/compensation, structural seepage and hot bitumen grouting. These additional techniques have been refined over the years to add to the basic services of grouting and offer more complex strength and durability properties.

The Process

When it comes to grouting on a large scale, such as for outdoor construction projects and the like, many machines and equipment are needed to ensure the precise placement of slurry or grouting. The most cost effective solution in terms of which grouting technique to use is based on the type of soil or rock involved, the project parameters and budget. This is also because there are several different types of soil involved too – and no two types are the same. Take jet grouting, for example. Also referred to as jet mixing, this technique utilizes high-pressure streams to mix and cement different types of soil, featuring a rotating drill with tiny nozzles that eject the grout into columns. This is a highly versatile type of grouting due to the fact that it can be used to treat a variety of soils, from gravel to clay and beyond. It’s ideal for applications around utility lines, as it has little to no vibration and low noise.

The goal of any soil and rock grouting is to improve the construction processes of any site and fill voids that will offer an unmatched strength, durability and versatility for years to come.

Popular Trends in Outsourcing IT Services

Popular Trends in Outsourcing IT Services

Although it is a good idea to hire the services of a provider of IT outsourcing in London; it is not as easy to figure out the areas that require external help. Figuring out the outsourcing ratio may depend on the nature and focus of your company. For example, certain organizations may feel that help desk services should be managed by in-house staff, since it is an ideal way to promote company culture. On the other hand, another organization might feel help that desk services are commodity services that are best handled by a trusted outsourcing partner. Although this confusion cannot be resolved easily, it can be useful to your company’s growth if you are aware of the popular trends in IT outsourcing in London. Small to medium sized businesses can get high quality technical support and computer networking, including cloud computing services, from reputed IT consultants in London.

Top IT Outsourcing Trends to Watch Out For

Leading IT consultants in London, such as WinMax IT, which provide IT outsourcing and support services have observed certain IT outsourcing trends in London, such as:

  • Rise of machines: The tasks that are normally performed by full time employees can be automated due to the implementation and development of new and futuristic technology.  Smart machines have already and will continue to impact IT services. There are even speculations of artificial intelligence, such as robots, replacing people in logistics and manufacturing.
  • Increased insourcing: Compared to the amount of services outsourced by IT companies, a significant percentage will be brought back in-house. Service integration is an integral competency that may turn as an increased insourcing activity. A solid and foolproof internal service integration capability may provide better knowledge of the business and flexibility. Having said that, building key expertise in-house might be an expensive option, especially for SMEs and so, for now, the obvious solution is IT consulting services.
  • Cloud outsourcing: Large organizations that previously hesitated to use cloud computing services to secure their company data are gradually moving towards cloud based systems.There are some obvious benefits of moving to a cloud, including safety of data, 24×7 accessibility from anywhere, as well as the fact that it does away with the need to allocate copious amounts of space for documentation.
  • Rise in low cost providers: With the mushrooming of IT outsourcing providers, not only has the competition become fierce but to gain an edge over rivals, more and more IT consulting services are offering their skills at a lower price without compromising on quality.
  • Domestic sourcing: When you choose an offshore IT consulting company, there are a number of drawbacks, such as cultural and language barriers, political uncertainty, time-zone difference, etc. This has resulted in the rise of domestic sourcing companies. These companies might charge more than offshore ones but the experience and competence of their personnel is unquestionable.

The birth of new technology and upgraded infrastructure is going to impact IT outsourcing in London significantly. It is wise to be aware of the trends and make informed choices of IT consultants in London.

Tips for Maintaining Your Garden Better

Tips for Maintaining Your Garden Better

Having a beautiful garden in your home can be extremely rewarding, and with a few good habits, it will be easier to keep up. Here are some tips to better maintain your garden, which will increase the enjoyment you receive from it.

Improve Your Soil Quality

Your soil is your garden’s foundation – it is where your plants derive all of the nutrients that they need in order to produce beautiful and nutritious fruits or blossoming flowers. Better soil can hold moisture more effectively and lessen the frequency that you need to water your garden.

In order to provide the best nutrients for your plants, try adding as many different sources of organic matter to the soil as possible. For instance, adding manure is a great way to provide your plants with much-needed nitrogen.

A lot of home gardeners get turned off by the idea of composting because it is predicted to be odorous and messy. In reality, a well-maintained compost pile or bin is contained and does not have an unpleasant smell at all! Composting is an extremely cost-effective way to provide your plants with nutrients as it merely recycles the food scraps straight from your home. Compost helps your soil retain moisture. Its slow-release of nutrients will help keep your plants healthy throughout the season.

Another excellent way to improve the health of your soil is to add a layer of mulch on top. Not only does mulch help keep moisture in, but it also insulates the soil to protect against extreme temperatures that can harm your garden. Different types of mulch include shredded bark, grass clippings, leaves, wood chips, and rocks. Mulch can also help keep weeds from sprouting.

Prune Your Plants

According to Texcape Tree Services, a provider of affordable trimming services, an important point in maintaining your garden better is to know how and when to prune your plants. It is important to be diligent with pruning dead branches of trees and bushes in order to keep decay insects and other organisms from entering the plant and hurting it. For plants that have flowers or fruits, pruning parts of the plant that are not producing can make it easier for the plant to have growth elsewhere.


To keep yourself from having to water your plants more frequently than necessary, avoid watering them in the hot afternoon when a lot of the water will be lost during evaporation. Try watering them in the morning instead.

Keep up With the Weeds

It can be really tempting to put off pulling weeds, especially if you only have a few of them. However, staying on top of this task will save you from a grueling and time-consuming chore later. Weeds take valuable nutrients from your soil that could have otherwise gone to to your plants. It is an excellent idea to check for weeds frequently and to eradicate them as you see them.

Easily Get Rid of Pests

Getting rid of pests in your garden does not need to be difficult or expensive. Slugs in your garden? Try leaving a container of beer out each night and watch the slugs be piled up there the next morning. Repeat each night until your slug problem is gone. Small, destructive bugs? Consider buying ladybugs or a praying mantis eggs to release in your garden – they are cheap and they will eat the small pests.

This article was contributed on behalf of Texcape Tree Services, your number one choice when looking for tree trimming services. Check out their website at for more information! 

The Importance of Having Home Insurance

The Importance of Having Home Insurance

Making the decision to own a home is a big step in anyone’s life. That’s because not only are you choosing where you’re going to live, but you’re also laying down a large sum of money. After all, now you have to pay mortgage and property taxes. Then there’s the insurance, which will increase your monthly house payments even more. However, while it may feel like an added hassle, home insurance is vital to own.

Protects the Home’s Structure

Within a homeowner’s insurance policy it is stated that if any damage happens to the structure of the home, then the property is covered. The insurance company will pay the cost of rebuilding the home, but only for the amount of money listed in the coverage documented on the policy. That’s why you want to make sure that whatever amount is found in your policy is accurate to what it would take to rebuild the structure of your home. The insurance company can also help you come up with the right amount of coverage needed for your property.

Covers Replacing Belongings

Home insurance also covers the items in your house in the case of any serious damage happening. While some people feel that their belongings aren’t of value, you should still protect yourself with this kind of coverage. That’s because replacing all of the items in your house would definitely cost you a great deal of money, even if the belongings themselves didn’t cost much. The best way to figure out how much coverage you will need is by compiling an inventory of all the items in your home. You can even use this list if you need to file a claim down the road. Valuable items like antiques and artwork often require a rider to get coverage. This rider would simply be extra insurance added onto your regular home insurance policy.

Offers Liability Coverage

While of course no homeowner expects people to get hurt on their property, sometimes accidents happen. That’s why with home insurance, you’re covering yourself from any potential liabilities that may occur. Whether the mail carrier slips on an ice patch on your driveway or your dog bites one of your friends, home insurance protects you from any possible lawsuits that stem from injuries obtained on your property.

Included with Mortgage Contract

Many times when a homeowner takes out a mortgage on their property, their contract requires that they put down a home insurance policy as well. That’s because the lender loaning you the money for your mortgage now has a financial stake in your home. To cover themselves, they will make you obtain home insurance. Some companies will even put their own insurance policy on your home if you can’t provide a home insurance policy on your own. Typically, it’s cheaper when you provide the home insurance yourself than when the mortgage company does it.

It’s clear that when you purchase a home, insurance is something you can’t skip out on. It is crucial for covering not only the property, but the homeowner as well. Remember, there’s plenty of types of affordable home insurance to choose from, so take action now to protect yourself.

This article was contributed on behalf of Rockland Insurance, your number one choice when looking for help with where to find Tomball home insurance. Check out their website today and see how they can help you! 

Preparing Your Roof for Winter

Preparing Your Roof for Winter

If you want to protect your house, start with the first line of defense: the roof. If your roof isn’t in good shape, it could cause more problems for the rest of your house. Preparing for the harsh reality of the impending winter isn’t something you may want to think about, but it’s a crucial task that shouldn’t be missed. Many of these tasks you can tackle on your own provided you have the resources and know-how to do so. Other tasks should be handled by a professional, of which there are many reputable roofers in Texas.

Autumn Inspection

If you’ve been neglecting your roof all year, fall is the time to get serious about it again. This is because winter is on its way and you want to fix any problems before the snow and cold settle in. Conducting a yearly inspection isn’t too difficult or time consuming, but it must be done. You should start this inspection with leak detection.


Head up to the attic and take a look at the ceilings and walls. Do you see condensation, staining or dripping? Leaks could indicate ice dams or even actual holes in your roof. While up there, check out the insulation and make sure it’s in place and doing its job. US News and World Report says you could see a 20 percent decrease in your energy bill when you have quality, properly-fitted insulation. Check that all your vents and rafters are properly insulated as well – you don’t want heat to head straight out through the roof, which is easy to lose in this manner. If you’ve got any furnace heating ducts, protect them with additional insulation so no build-up occurs.

Ventilation Systems

Moving on to the ventilation system, make sure all bathroom fans are working as they should, as moist air as a result of showers, for instance, can cause damage to the roof or your insulation. Make sure there’s no debris clogging up your vents adjacent to gables and ridges. And don’t get so overeager with insulation padding that you cover soffit vents – restricted air flow could result.


Now it’s time to grab the binoculars and head outside. You don’t even have to get up on the roof to perform a visual inspection, which cuts down on possible serious injuries. Inspect the shingles – have any come loose? What about the gutters – are they secured to the home properly? Clear out any debris from the gutters at this time. Is your flashing around chimneys and vents secure? If you see anything that needs repair, call in a qualified professional to tackle the job before winter hits.

Late to the Party?

Have you waited just a little too long for your yearly roofing inspection and Old Man Winter has already made an appearance? If ice dams have already formed and you have snow accumulation on your roof, it will be harder to make any repairs and you may have to wait till spring. Try to remove snow before it builds up too much, though, which could result in roof leaks and other structural damage. While you may be tempted to remove the snow yourself with a roof rake, this is another job best left to the professionals.

By starting in fall, you’re preparing your roof for the long, harsh winter ahead. Tackle problems now before they get out of hand.

This article was contributed on behalf of Braun’s Roofing Inc., your number one choice when looking for quality roofing services. Check out their website at for more information! 

Building Your Dream Home

Building Your Dream Home

Your home is your haven away from the rest of the world and should be well-thought out in advance before breaking ground. From creating your budget to finalizing the floor plans, there are a plethora of things to get done. Creating a dream home can quickly turn into a nightmare if the preparation work is not done in advance by the new homeowner.

Choosing the Best House Plan

Determining the way you want your dream house to look should be at the top of your to-do list. Do you want a two level home that is complete with bedrooms on the upper level or is a one-story home more to your individual tastes? What about a backyard or swimming pool? Are these important to you?

One option is the Craftsman Accented Ranch for people with a small family or those who are downsizing. The ranch style home offers an open concept that will allow for families to make the most out of daily living. Typically offered in a choice of two or three bedroom home, this functional plan can be the answer to all of your dreams.

Another popular house plan consists of the Brick Ranch with Cottage Charm. Are you looking for an exterior that is low maintenance? If so, brick is sure to be the answer to any building dilemma. A split bedroom layout that allows privacy for all family members regardless of what else may be going on in the home. Bedrooms can be custom made with walk-in closets and dual sinks for the usability of the homeowners on a daily basis.

Are you an old-fashioned individual with a flair for the modern look? If so, consider the Traditional with a French Country Twist. Who doesn’t love the charm of a French-styled home that offers affordability and functionality to the owner? The great room in this home features a ten-foot ceiling and a fireplace for those chilly nights. The master suite can be personally created and may feature double walk-in closets and individual vanities.

Creating a Budget for your Home

Being able to live in comfort doesn’t only include your residence, but also the amount of disposable income after all the bills are paid. Many financial advisers agree your mortgage payment shouldn’t take more than 28 percent of your gross monthly income. You can determine this amount by taking your annual salary and multiplying it by 0.28, then dividing by 12. This is the maximum amount your mortgage payment should be when building your dream home.

Finding the Right Home Builder

There are a number of factors that should be considered when looking for the right company to tackle your home building task. The first thing you will want to do is to learn the reputation of the business by asking around or checking online reviews.

Next, be sure the builder is licensed and bonded to assure you will get a quality job completed for you home. Additionally, agree to a set price per square foot for your new home and get this in writing by signing a contract listing the terms and conditions of your arrangement.


Finally, building the home of your dreams doesn’t have to be challenging. Simply doing your homework in advance is your sure-fire way to have the home of your dreams!

How to Keep Your Child Safe on Facebook

How to Keep Your Child Safe on Facebook

Is it every possible for us as parents to ever really know what our children are doing on popular social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter? Do we, as an older generation, even know enough about these sites to police what are kids are up to anyway?

I had a somewhat enlightening week recently, just before school broke up, as both a parents and a teacher, which has provided me great inspiration for writing this article. I asked my year 10 class to form groups for a speaking and listening discussion task on the pros and cons of social networking sites: enlightening, interesting and, at times, shocking!

I’m hoping this may be a little useful to other parents who, like me, are totally not exactly 100% au fait with the wondrous realms and endless minefields of Facebook.

Does Your Child Have a Facebook Account, and Are You Aware This?

According to my year 10 class, it appears tonnes of children create Facebook accounts without their parents being aware of this. This is such a common occurrence that in every group of pupils I listened to there was at least one member who revealed they’d set up an account without informing their parents.

Despite the minimum age for having a Facebook account is 13, it is, apparently, common practice for children younger than this, even of primary school ages, to have created their own accounts, often without their parents’ knowledge. Consequently, it would be remiss for parents to assume their children haven’t got an account simply because they haven’t yet started high school yet.

Is the best approach to finding out whether your child has an account to ask them directly? To be honest, after listening to the discussions of my 10 pupils, it seems many children don’t inform their parents that they have opened a Facebook account simply because they don’t believe their parents know much about Facebook, and aren’t aware of the concerns they may have. This sort of implies many children would be honest about having an account if asked!

However, if you have your doubts that your child would be honest about having an account for whatever reason, you can always monitor the search history of their computer(s). Admittedly, it’s a simple task to delete a computer’s search history, but it’s highly unlikely your child would remember to delete if every time they use the computer (if they really were trying to conceal what sites they were on online), especially if they use a computer on a daily basis.

The Ignored Minimum Age For a Facebook Account

Although to have your own Facebook account you’re supposed to be a minimum of 13 years old, no actual evidence of age is necessary to open an account.

Therefore, if someone under 13 years old wishes to create their own Facebook account, they need only to change their birth year when completing the initial information form, and they’ll never be probed further or questioned on this information again!

A really interesting point highlighted during the discussion was my year 10’s believes that Facebook isn’t at all suitable for younger children, and their belief that users should at least be in high school before they open their own account.

Every year 10 pupil believed the newsfeeds that pop up on users’ walls can be seriously inappropriate for younger users to see, including some videos and images. It wasn’t pornography the year 10s were alluding to, but, for example, images of extreme violence and terrorism from news stories that can appear without reason, some of which Facebook don’t remove quickly, despite requests from users to block such things.

A reason further reason the year 10 pupils believed children shouldn’t have Facebook accounts too young is because of their immaturity when it comes to posting, and their Despite this being the most obvious concern about young people using Facebook, it was interesting to listen to the older pupils recognising and discussing this. Most pupils admitted they felt deeply embarrassed when reading over some posts they’d added when young, and sincerely regretted they’d opened accounts so young.

The Troublesome Privacy Settings

It’s definitely possible to set your Facebook account up as “private”, and it’s also possible, technically anyway, to have control over how open and public you wish your photos, posts and comments to be.

However, the personalisation you make to your privacy settings are anything but permanent.

Whenever Facebook decides to “update” or “reset” itself (which they have absolute control over, and this can be without warning and as often as they want), the privacy settings of every user’s account are reset as well, resetting them back to the original setting of minimal privacy.

There is a tutorial available to watch when you open an account, but this is fairly easy to miss with the excitement of opening your account and personalising it, so I’d recommend definitely making sure you look out for this!

Check your privacy settings as often as you can – weekly if not daily!

The Horrendous Problem of Cyber-Bullying

It’s crystal clear to me as a teacher that bullying has changed with the times and rise in use of technology by young people today, and cyber-bullying has become a massive issue in schools. Cyber-bullying is the label given to any type of bullying that occurs in the form of emails, text messages or comments or messages on social networking sites.

Although a despicable type of bullying, there is the advantage that everything written down, even after being deleted, on any type of social media is never truly lost; there are ways and means of everything being retrieved. Consequently, evidence can be collected against the cyber-bully, rendering it easier to prove the crime (which cyber-bullying actually is) and, ultimately, punish the perpetrator.

Cyber-bullying can, unfortunately, be more cruel and assiduous than other, perhaps traditional forms of bullying. While physical or emotional bullying usually ends when the victim leaves school or sets foot in their own home, cyber-bullying can cross boundaries into a child’s supposed safe areas through various types of technology, and so can feel inescapable to the victims, and they can feel incredibly vulnerable as a result.

It’s difficult to recognise if your child is a victim of cyber-bullying. Characteristic signs that a child is being bullied can involve mood swings, anxiety, depression, appetite change, isolation and unwillingness to go to school, or even outside at all. With cyber-bullying, look out as well for nervousness or negative reactions when their mobile phone beeps.

This post was written by Becky Stretton, author of the parenting blog, Green Duo. Visit her blog to read all about Becky, her husband Steve, their new baby daughter Phoebe-Rae and all their adventures in their green, eco-friendly household.



The new craze in online gaming

The new craze in online gaming

Online bingo is a game that already has 100 million registered players worldwide, and with new sites starting up all the time, it looks like the traditional game of chance is getting ever more popular.

So who is it that plays online bingo and why?

While the land-based version used to be the preserve of the older generation – those who had the time to play mid-afternoon on a weekday – now that people can play at any time, in any place, it’s not so easy to say which section of the population is playing bingo online. It’s got an appeal for all kinds of people, and to people of all ages.

Some people will play for five minutes while having a break at work, others will play on a journey somewhere – as long as they’re not driving. Many players are at home when they play – whether they’re logged in on a computer or on a mobile phone. It takes all sorts to make a world, and it takes all sorts to play bingo. Working professionals, stay at home mums, clubbers home from a night out – they’re all just as likely as each other to enjoy a few games of bingo now and then.

We’ve established who might be playing bingo, but what is it that makes the game so appealing? There are several reasons why people choose to play bingo over other games online.

For a start bingo games are always great value, especially if you factor in the welcome incentives that most bingo sites like Tidy Bingo, Mirror Bingo and JackpotJoy offer new players. For example, when you first play Mirror Bingo online bingo games and deposit £10, the site gives you another £40 to play with. The bonus credit can be used both on bingo games and other games on the site, and when you’re playing for free, it’s even more fun! All the bingo sites offer a similar welcome bonus for new players – it’s worth shopping around to see what’s available before deciding where to play.

And once you’ve signed up to a site to play bingo, you’ll discover the other reason that so many people play. Online bingo has a real social side to it, as every game is linked to a bingo chat room and when you are taking part in a game, you get to meet and chat with the other players. That way, you can share the fun and excitement of the game but also talk about lots of other topics while you’re there. For people who spend a lot of time alone, online bingo can help them feel less isolated.

Of course one of the main draws of playing online bingo is that you might actually win a significant cash prize, especially if you choose to play one of the progressive jackpot games. It’s probably not the best idea to focus on the possibility of winning though, as bingo is a game of chance so you may never have that huge win. However, just the chance to win big certainly adds to the fun of playing this easy online game.


How To Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

How To Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

Are you looking for a way to save a little money from your wedding invitations? Do you want to make your invitations a bit more personal and captivating? Then, it is best that you design and make your own wedding invitations. While creating them may require a great deal of time and effort on your end, it can be a fun and rewarding experience that will make your wedding more memorable. Plus, it is a special gesture that your guests will surely love.  Here are some tips from stationery printers Metallic Elephant

Ask help from your friends and relatives

When making your own wedding invitations, the first thing you have to do is to gather a group friends and relatives who will help you with this project. Not only will these people help you craft your wedding invites, but they can share some insights for your wedding theme and the design of your invites as well. What’s more, having a team of supporters around you can make this project a fun and exciting experience.

Make it unique

Pick a format for your invitation, and make sure to choose something that is unique. As you brainstorm for ideas, break free from traditional concepts, and look for a mind-blowing format or style that would capture the attention of your guests. You can scour the internet and look for suggestions from reputable sites like,, and Likewise, seek advice from your team, as well as gather ideas from wedding magazines, DIY craft books and art guides.

In line with your wedding theme

Choose a style or format that blends well with your wedding’s reception theme, color scheme as well as wedding location and date. If, for instance, you are planning to get married in a tropical destination like Hawaii, consider crafting message-in-a-bottle invitations, passport invitations or invites with a colorful Hawaiian theme. But, if you are planning to get married during summertime, build something that fits to the sunny weather, such as an invite with the wedding’s information pasted on a Popsicle stick.

Create a guest list

Before you begin making your invites, find out how many guests will be coming to your wedding. With the help your family, organize a list of guests with their address, full name, and phone number. To optimize this process, take advantage of a spreadsheet on your laptop or your computer.

Recycle or reuse

If possible, refrain from buying overpriced inserts and expensive stationery from your local craft store. Instead, raid your cabinets, and look for ribbons, glues, scissors and paper cutters that kids have used for their projects at school. That way, you get to reduce the costs for the supplies of your wedding invites. But, if you can’t find used supplies at home, buy them on the internet, as online shops have better and more affordable rates for these items than most traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

Insert your personality

Make your invitations pop and more charming by inserting funny quotes and silly pictures that will showcase your romantic and loving relationship. As soon as a guest opens your invite, and sees a hilarious picture of you and your finance, he or she will be lured to come and witness the crazy and fun things that your wedding may bring.

Keeping Your Bathroom Clean   

Keeping Your Bathroom Clean  

There are a lot of excellent reasons to keep your bathroom clean. A spotless bathroom looks great, smells fresh, and will help you stay healthy. You can keep your bathroom in superb shape with these easy steps.

Timing is Everything

Maintain a consistent routine to keep your bathroom looking good at all times. How often you choose to clean and the amount of time you spend doing it will most likely depend on your personality and schedule. You can opt for cleaning two minutes every day and then a deeper 30 minute cleaning once a week. Another option: five minutes every day and 15 minutes once a week. Or, one minute every day and one hour a month. You can experiment to find a schedule that meets your needs.

Bathtub and Sinks

To clean both your bathtub and sink, it’s simple and economical to make a homemade, chemical-free cleaning product by mixing vinegar, dish soap, and a bit of essential oils in a spray bottle. Then, put a very small about of water in your tub or sink, so you won’t waste your cleaning product and to make it easier to wash and rinse. After spraying all surfaces with your cleaner, scrub with a brush, being sure to include the bottom surface. After you’re done, drain the plugged water, rinse with tap water, and wipe dry to boost the shine. In addition, you may find the whole cleaning process is easier and quicker if you keep surfaces clear of products and bathing accessories. And, schedule your cleaning for times soon after using the bathtub or sink so that warm water and steam can soften dirt and grime, making it easier to remove.

Clear Drains and Showerheads

To get rid of drain buildup from hair and toothpaste, try using a mixture and sequence that involves hot water, baking soda, vinegar. First, pour boiling water in the drain, followed by one-half cup baking soda. Allow it to sit a couple of minutes, then add one cup each of boiling water and vinegar. Cover the drain for a bit, and then remove the cover so you can flush the drain with boiling water for a second time. Now you’re ready to put another one-half cup vinegar down the drain. Cover and then flush with more boiling water. For showerheads clogged with minerals, place a plastic bag filled with white vinegar over the head, tie it with a string, shoelace or rubber band. Wait about 24 hours, and then scrub.

Mildew-Resistant Products

Choose shower curtains, rugs and other bathroom products that are made with materials that resist moisture and mildew. If manufacturers’ care instructions give the okay to machine wash, wash them in cold water with your regular clothes detergent. You can also add old terry cloth towels so that rough fibers from the towels can help scrub away soap and mold. Then, hang to dry for a longer life.

Keep it Moving

Since bathrooms can become damp with regular use, throw open your windows and doors, use a dehumidifier, and turn on fans to promote air flow. Do this whenever possible, but when during bath time and for 30 minutes after bathing. Moving the air around will help to keep your bathroom dry and keep it smelling fresh.