July 18, 2024

Family 5

Before you send the kids back to school, give them something to remember and boast about to their friends. Taking a family vacation can be challenging, amid busy schedules and tight budgets, but the benefits and the experience can make it worthwhile. There are some great family travel ideas that can not only provide a once-in-a-lifetime memory but can be cost-friendly as well

Exotic getaways and adventures

Visit a balmy and tropical locale, and book your stay in an area resort for an idyllic vacation that will long be remembered. There are some great beach-front resorts, such as fantastic spas along the Californian coast and the luxurious Villas Del Mar in the southern region of the state. Kids will enjoy the freedom and amenities that these resorts have to offer, and parents will appreciate the serene tranquility that these facilities can provide.

Weekend city shopping spree

If you are in the mood for something more urban, head to the city for a weekend of shopping. Hotels and inns in some major US locales may offer great rates for two and three-night stays. This might be a great time to take teens to a concert or the theater or to visit some unique retailers for back-to-school shopping trips. Look for weeknights to find the lowest rates at hotels, and if you pick an extended-stay type of hotel, you might get kitchen facilities among the amenities offered by some accommodations.

Cost-friendly camping trips

Camping is a popular favorite among families, and most kids enjoy the outdoor-oriented activities that can accompany family camping adventures. You don’t need to travel far from home to find a campground that offers tent sites and cabin rentals for your family’s weekend. Look for resort-style campgrounds near a popular amusement or area attraction.

Camping can be a great idea for families as it can often be tailored to fit the vacation budget. By shopping and taking food, you can curb the travel costs related to eating out. You will need little in terms of recreation, with most campgrounds offering on-site amenities that are included with the cost of renting space. Be sure to encourage the kids to save their spare change for the arcade or game room that family-friendly sites usually offer!

On-site amusements and indoor playgrounds

Any time a family can stay at an amusement park or indoor playground that offers an attached lodging option, this is a great family-friendly vacation destination. These may be a long car ride from home or might be something in the family’s own backyard. The time spent together, and the opportunity to spend a night away from home may be just the excursion that the whole family needs before school starts back up in the fall.

All-inclusive family vacations

Some resorts offer an all-inclusive type of getaway, and this is a great option for budget-conscious families. This is also found in cruises, and some of the shorter three to five-day trips are often one of the cheapest ways to travel to exotic locations. Many ships offer amenities that are geared toward young travelers, including day camps, water parks, arcades, and outings.

There are numerous options that exist for families looking to get away from it all. Whether you are seeking a weekend retreat for you and your kids or a summer vacation for the whole family, there are some great ways to travel that don’t have to cost an arm or a leg.

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