February 29, 2024

Many accidents inside and outside the home are preventable. First, look at who resides in the home. You may require different safety features for various ages. For instance, an elderly family member who moves into your home will need different types of safety elements than a toddler or small children. However, even homes without children or seniors should have certain accident-prevention items in place

Elderly Accident Prevention

Senior individuals often suffer from mobility problems. They may not have the balance they used to, or be less flexible. One of the worst places for accidents for the elderly can be the bathroom, getting into or out of the shower or bathtub, or trying to get up from the toilet.

Grab bars in the shower or tub are a necessity for the elderly. This allows them a handle to grab onto to steady themselves as they step in or out of the tub. The grab bar should be long and wide enough for a person to hold on too tightly. It should also be at the correct height, neither too low nor too high.

Slip-proof mats on the floor of the shower or bathtub are also needed. However, don’t forget right outside the shower. You’ll need a sturdy floor rug for the senior to step out onto so he or she doesn’t slip and fall.

Child Accident Prevention

Avoiding furniture with pointy edges, placing gates at the top and bottom of stairs, and baby-proofing kitchen and bathroom cabinets are a few of the items you must take care of before a newborn arrives.

Also, consider installing guards on your child’s bedroom windows, especially if the room is located on the second floor of the home. Don’t use blinds or drapes with long cords. The cords can wrap around their necks causing serious injury.

Put away ladders or stools once you’re finished using them. Children are curious and may climb these items resulting in a fall.

Make sure the play area outside has grass. Children will fall when playing, but soft grass is much better than hard concrete.

Adult Accident Prevention

Throw rugs provide dimension and a burst of color to a room, but they can also result in falls if they tend to slide. Install a rug runner under throw rugs to prevent them from sliding. In addition, avoid thick throw rugs. The thicker the rug, the increased chances someone may trip over it.

Place night lights in hallways and bathrooms. Get rid of clutter. This includes children’s toys scattered during the day. While it may seem redundant to put away toys every evening, you’re preventing a fall just waiting to happen.

Clutter isn’t only relegated inside the home. Accidents can occur outside when bikes or skateboards are left on the sidewalk. The garage is another area in which clutter can accumulate and cause unnecessary injury from falls. Pick up tools and materials and put them in the proper place in the garage. Install peg posts and have your children hang their bicycles, skateboards, and other items on the garage wall. This helps to declutter the garage, provides extra room, and keeps falls and injuries to a minimum.

You can keep your family safe by reducing the chance of accidents and falls by following these tips.

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