February 29, 2024

Moving can be very hard on a person’s possessions. Things are shifted around and stuffed into small spaces so much that it is easy to understand that damage happens during almost every moving trip. Most commonly, valuable things are damaged in the moving process. Expensive things like TVs, crystal dinnerware, and big furniture pieces are just a few of the common things that get damaged in the moving process. Sentimental things, however, are also a common loss when moving, like pictures or artwork.

These accidents may seem inevitable in any move, but there are some things that any mover can do to stop their things from being damaged while they move. Anyone who is moving can use these simple ideas to help protect their things during transit. Additionally, some of these ideas can actually help people save money on their move. Here are five tips for packing valuables when moving.

Hire some professionals

A professional moving company is the best way to ensure that things will get from one place to another without them being damaged. Professional moving companies, after all, do this job every day and know the best ways to back even the most fragile items to keep them secure. Everyone should look for a moving company to take care of their valuable things.

Use what you already have

Most commonly, a lot of packing paper and bubble wrap are used to keep things secure and safe inside their boxes. These materials can be very effective, but there is a less wasteful and possibly more effective way to pack breakable things. Movers can use their own clothes, blankets, and other soft items to pad fragile items easily and efficiently.

Buy specialized boxes

Electronics are some of the items that are commonly damaged during a move. Many people do not save the original boxes that the electronics came in, so they need to start from scratch. Movers who try to put their electronics in boxes that are not appropriate run the risk of losing valuable items. Instead, anyone can buy boxes specially made for their valuable electronics to keep them safer in transit.

Invest in insurance

Insurance is one thing that will not keep anything safe, but it will protect the owner of those things if anything does happen. Movers can purchase insurance through their normal provider or through the moving company to ensure that if any of their things are damaged during the move, they will be reimbursed. This does not replace those valuable things, but it can make replacing them much easier.

a stack of boxes

Take the most important things with

There are usually things that people just do not trust with anything else. Special family mementos or anything else that holds a special sentimental value is something that anyone would be skeptical about leaving with a moving company. Everyone should try to take these items with them while they move, in a box or bag that stays in the front of the vehicle the entire time to ensure its safety.

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