June 16, 2024

Moving is a complicated process for many people. There are so many different methods that people can use in order to get their things safely from point A to point B, but not every method will work the same for everyone. The truth is that every single move is different. Some people will even find out that a certain method that they used the first time they moved which was successful then will not be as appropriate for their next move.

DIY methods have become very popular for people who are moving for a few reasons. Most often, people choose DIY methods to save money, but some people also choose this method to have more control over how their things are transported and protect themselves from theft. There are many DIY tricks that can be very efficient, but there are still some moving methods that should be left to the professionals. Here are some rules of what you should and should not do yourself when moving.

Pack using reusable materials

Moving companies still traditionally use a lot of packing paper and boxes to pack up homes. Though these materials are efficient at getting things from one home to another, movers can save money and resources by using their own materials to pack as much as they can. Using luggage instead of boxes and clothing instead of packing paper can save a family a lot of money and help reduce moving waste.

Recycle boxes with a moving company

When a moving company does pack up and move the rest of the things left in the home, they can also recycle the boxes to avoid creating more waste. This is not only good for the environment, but it can also help movers clear the clutter in their new home and settle in faster.

Take time to pack things yourself

Taking extra time to pack is also very beneficial to the moving process. Many people feel like they want to get it all done as soon as possible or wait until the last minute to begin packing, but going through this process slowly can actually help movers in a lot of ways. Packing slowly allows people to take a good look at their things and better decide what needs to be moved and what does not.

Let a moving company transport everything

Many people try to cram a lot of things into their vehicles to avoid paying for a moving truck. This is not only dangerous for the driver and everyone else on the road, but it also raises the chances of things getting damaged in the process. Movers should instead hire a moving company to get everything to the new place safely.

Moving trucks

Unpack with the help of friends and family

Having the moving company unpack is not necessary for most people. Doing the unpacking yourself allows people to put things right where they want them straight out of the box. This can save time, and with the help of family and friends, can actually go quite quickly.

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