July 18, 2024

Thanks to the launch of eReaders and particularly the Kindle a few years ago, more and more people all over the world are once again realizing how fun it can be to get stuck into a good book. Some like to read fictional tales like Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, whilst others prefer to spend their time reading through educational material and even history books. Whatever you like reading, I just want to congratulate you on keeping this pastime alive. You know; people who never read are usually a little less intelligent than the rest of us, and I believe this to be a direct consequence of their fear of the written word. So, make sure you buy as many books as possible over the next twelve months, because reading can improve your prospects considerably.

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Anyway, today I’m going to focus on the top psychic books available at the moment online. Most can be obtained from Amazon, but you may need to look a little further afield if you can’t find the one you’re after. Still, with websites like Smashwords and the services provided on iTunes, this should only take a few minutes at most.

Gifted: A Guide For Mediums, Psychics and Intuitives

by Lisa Andres

As psychic manuals go, this is by far the best book I’ve read in the last five years. Miss Andres has been able to hone her psychic skills and make them work for her since a very young age, so she really is the perfect teacher for anyone interested in doing the same. This book is filled with different techniques you can try yourself whilst at home in bed, so you should be able to work out exactly how in touch you are with your mediumistic side in no time whatsoever.

Psychic Development For Beginners: The Secrets To Unlocking Your Ability

by Grace Loveman

Although this one sounds pretty similar to the last, in truth, all the techniques and psychic ideas contained within are slightly more advanced than the title suggests, and so it’s perfect for people who’ve been utilizing their psychic’s powers for some time, but who wish to progress as much as possible. As it happens, I booked a reading with one of TheCircle.com psychics last week, and she told me her sister had been reading the same book recently. Both of us agreed it was truly revolutionary and is certain to make Grace Loveman a name to remember.

My Psychic Life

by Sally Morgan

Finally, this lady has been on the psychic scene for well over two decades now, and during that time she’s managed to help millions of people all over the world on her sold-out live shows. She specializes more in talking to the dead than anything else, and so reading this book will give you a good insight into her personal life and exactly how she does what she’s so famous for doing. There was actually some controversy surrounding this last a few years ago involving the use of an earpiece on stage, and you’ll be glad to know this is covered in its entirety within this publication.

Well, It’s time for me to head out now; my local bookshop has just rang saying they’ve finally got a copy of Derek Acorah’s book, and it’s one of those I’ve been dying to read for ages.

Happy reading!

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