April 12, 2024

Collaboration with Poppy J.

Whether the in-laws dropping by, or friends in need of an ear and a place for the night, nobody wants to be unprepared for guests, even at short notice. Take a look at a few simple steps to keep your home ready.

Spruce Up The Bathroom

This always feels like the biggest job, and the one hosts worry about the most. Separate your toiletries and belongings from the guests’, by providing a small storage unit ready for replenishing supplies, and top it with a surface they can place their things on. Stock up on travel-sized toiletries, or individual soaps and shower gels and place them in plain view. Remember to change your matting and de-clutter the space.

For any eventualities, keep things like plungers and plenty of spare toilet rolls handy in the bathroom so they never need to be requested. Always have a can of air freshener available so they can use it at will.

Refresh The Guest Room

If you have a spare room, it is best to keep it clutter free and with the bed made up for any emergencies that come up. That way there is a fuss-free place waiting for them to lay their head down. Likewise for expected guests, as it is often too easy to neglect a rarely used space and allow the bedding to become stale and surfaces to gather dust. Or, it is tempting to use use it for storage because it is rarely in use – avoid this by keeping things packed away elsewhere. Always ensure there is adequate side table space and lamplight, and these are most often forgotten.

If you don’t have a guest room and space is tight in the living room, have the problem solved by using a folding bed to maximize floor space and be ready in any emergency. Keep a storage unit inconspicuously placed in the room for lamp lighting, toiletries, and blankets to hand if it makes preparation easier.

Keep Extra Towels and Bedding

Keep sets of towels and bedding ready separately from your normal household’s, so there is always fresh and inviting provision for each person. You might want to keep handy a few individual bath toiletries to place on the towels for guests for an extra touch.

Spruce up the Garden

Finally, your guests will want to have access to the outdoors in peace and comfort. Invest in some plastic garden chairs if you don’t already have an outdoor set, to have plenty of seating. You can tidy up the garden inexpensively just by making a freshly mowed lawn the centerpiece of your garden. Set aside some space on the patio for a small table and chairs and keep a parasol handy so they can still enjoy the fresh air in the shade or if it gets a bit drizzly. Outdoor lighting is also a good idea to add ambiance and let them enjoy drinks with you in the evenings.

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