June 16, 2024

Being independent with the ability to support oneself without help from parents or roommates is an accomplishment many women hope to achieve in their twenties. While financial independence is something to be proud of, living alone does have its disadvantages.

Living alone can leave a woman vulnerable in her personal safety, especially if living in an area that is not the most secure. These seven tips outlined below will help women living alone feel safe and secure on their own:

1. Security System

Installing a home security system can protect women from potential intruders. Security systems can be as elaborate or minimal as a woman wants or needs, depending upon how concerned she is with a break-in. If interested in a security system, find personal recommendations or use keyword searches that include the area, such as sylva nc ADT security. These searches can provide women with a detailed list of costs, security features, and reviews on various systems and companies.

2. Lock Your Doors

Always lock the doors in the home. Many women feel secure enough in their neighborhoods, apartments, and condos that they leave their doors unlocked while inside their homes. Getting into this habit can lead women to forget to lock their doors when they leave for work, run errands, or turn in for the night. An open door is an invitation for burglars, for they can discreetly enter and take what they need.

3. New Locks

For women in apartments with a landlord, be sure to add a new lock. Who knows how many past tenants still have keys to the apartment, and the last thing anyone wants is to have their home invaded by a former tenant.

4. Curtains

At night, be sure to draw the curtains or close the shades. In high-rise apartment buildings, oftentimes women neglect to shut their blinds, for they feel it is unnecessary. However, most burglars are drawn to a home because of what they can see inside. If there are valuable possessions visible from the outside, it can encourage burglars to break in.

5. Dogs

Dogs are loyal companions and extremely protective of their owners. If an intruder is on the property or inside of the home, dogs are the first to sense that something is not right. One of the best dogs for single women is a female German Shepherd, for they are easily trainable, highly loyal to their owner, and wary of intruders. One of their unique characteristics is their ability to know who is an intruder and who is someone friendly.

6. Social Media

Be cautious with how much information is given out publicly via social media. It’s surprising how many burglaries happen because of social media posts that detail a person’s home as empty.

7. Extra Safety Measures

If there are any sliding glass doors in the home, purchase a metal bar to place behind the door. Usually sliding glass doors have flimsy locks, and a metal bar makes it impossible to slide open.

Lastly, women should trust their intuition. If something does not seem right, do not ignore it.

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