February 29, 2024

Jewel 5

Jewelry is an essential part of any great outfit, but personal ornamentation can be far more versatile than you might realize. Those shiny adornments that you wear around your neck, on your wrists, and in your earlobes can also be used to dress up your home in style. From utilizing loose stones as accent pieces to framing and hanging gorgeous pendants on walls, the possibilities are seemingly endless.

Display Items You Wear in the Home

Storing jewelry only in a box may not be maximizing its potential. When you’re not wearing those pieces you love, another option is to display them for all to see. Instead of hiding your necklaces in a box, try hanging them from one section of your bedroom wall. You can hang them from a series of tiny nails positioned in a creative manner, so they form the shape of a star, circle, or triangle.

Another option is to create a necklace and bracelet holder from a pretty flatware divider. If the divider is old or plain, you might line it with attractive contact paper. You can install small screws into the top of each section, and hang each piece accordingly.

If you don’t wish to create your own jewelry displays, or if constructing such things is not something you feel you are capable of doing, you still have viable options to consider. You can find plenty of jewelry holders in stores that require minimal if any, assembly. Many of these items are made specifically so that you can exhibit your favorite pieces from the tables, desks, countertops, and shelves of your choice.

Show Off Your Supplies

According to Houston Gold Exchange, if you’re the type of person who buys beads and baubles in order to make your jewelry, you probably have a variety of supplies that you haven’t yet used. Keeping such supplies organized is important if you wish to make the best use of them. However, this does not mean that you cannot organize them and use them as home decor, as well. If you buy tiny beads that you intend to use at some indefinite point in time, try storing them in glass bowls. You may want to get bowls with lids, so you can avoid a mess on your floor if a bowl is bumped inadvertently.

When you purchase loose diamonds or other fine stones, you can exhibit them exquisitely in crystal glasses or bowls made from colored glass. Even if you decide to buy such items as an investment instead of future jewelry components, they can still be displayed instead of sitting in a safe deposit box. Loose stones glittering under the lights in your living room could make an ideal ornamentation.

Jewelry Transformed  

Costume jewelry can easily be transformed into lovely home accents. Old pendants and broaches that you no longer wear are perfect for adorning plain lampshades and other items. Try pinning several pieces on a pillow or old sofa cushion; you can then position that almost anywhere, from your bed to your hall table to the desk in your home office.

You choose jewelry that reflects your personal sense of style, and many of those pieces might look just as gorgeous in your home as they do on you. Have some fun with your jewelry, and find creative ways to exhibit it proudly. Whether you typically buy genuine diamond earrings or inexpensive baubles, you can double your investment by making your jewelry work double duty for you.

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