April 12, 2024

As the gardening season approaches it is almost impossible not to get excited. With so many seed and plant choices to choose from each new season, gardeners are ready to dive in and top last year’s efforts. Flowers, plants, trees, roses, and vegetables are often the main focus for gardeners each year. However, a garden can be so much more with a bit of planning and foresight. Garden boundaries, walkways, water features, furniture, and points of interest add to the appearance and feel of an outdoor garden. Discover how you can add interesting focal points and features to make your garden appealing and an enjoyable place to visit.


It is easy to get stuck in a rut and automatically reach for inexpensive wire fencing. However, there are really several options you can choose from that will give your garden a very distinctive look. Consider natural wood fencing, picket fences, iron railings, rock walls, or hedges. Fencing is generally used as a protective barrier to keep wildlife out, but natural plant hedges and rock walls are other alternatives that can add an entirely new look to a garden setting.

Trailing vines and climbing roses not only add texture and color to wire or wood fencing, but they may also provide a wonderful scent that spreads throughout your garden. You can easily transform a plain inexpensive fence into a work of art with just a few plants.


Often gardeners get so focused on the garden plants they forget about walkways that can enhance the beauty of their work. According to Metro Tree, when choosing walkway materials, keep your budget in mind, and remember that most walkways are long-term. You can check out several varieties of colored gravel from home improvement centers that make wonderful pathways. Or, consider flagstone or slate with ground cover or moss inlaid between the stones. Groundcovers are typically low-growing, and many varieties offer the advantage of colored blooms!

Water Features

When planned carefully, gardens can be magical places that even affect our senses. Gardens can heighten your sense of sight, smell, and hearing. Everyone can watch plants grow and bloom while enjoying a variety of scents produced by vegetables, herbs, flowers, and roses. You can also enjoy the sounds from water fountains or use existing water sources to create ponds, streams, or natural waterfalls.

Garden Furniture

Just about anything goes when it comes to outdoor garden furniture. Always remember to include a comfortable place to sit, relax and take in the beauty of your surroundings. An old stump, picnic tables, lounge chairs, or well-worn benches could be the perfect touch for your garden.

Patio tables and chairs constructed from plastic or metal materials can easily withstand the outdoor elements in the garden. They come in handy when serving outdoor meals, playing a game of cards, or throwing an outdoor barbecue in a lovely garden setting.

Points of Interest

In addition to growing tall and low plants, ornamentals, herbs, vegetables, and trees, you’ll want to consider adding points of interest like pergolas, arches, statues, or trellises. These types of structures are perfect for adding height and color. They help to break up the garden visually, and they can also be used to section off small areas for privacy.

If you enjoy watching birds, you’ll want to include birdhouses, feeders, and birdbaths to attract them to your garden. These are typically inexpensive and provide hours of bird-watching entertainment.

You can spend as little or as much as you like to improve your garden. Often, people add garden pathways, birdbaths, garden furniture, or fencing a little at a time. This gives them the opportunity to make small changes without overstraining the back or the wallet!

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