May 27, 2024

As a parent, it can feel like every step in a child’s life is a mammoth milestone. From successful toilet training to the first pair of ‘real’ shoes, there are many challenges to anticipate with joy or horror. One of the more overlooked challenges is revamping a nursery into a child’s bedroom, and a child’s bedroom into a teen’s bedroom. Here’s a handy overview of working with your child to create a fun and functional living space for them, at every stage of their development.

Choosing a Big Bed

One of the most crucial elements of revamping a kid’s room is to determine what they need at this particular stage, according to how they grow. Toddlers to Five-year-olds will be fine in a cot bed – ideal if you’re struggling to make space in a transitional nursery, but be sure to review this during major growth spurts. Once your child is old enough to start school, it is time for the ‘big bed’ transition – be wise here, as this bed will usually be expected to last until your child leaves home.

It can be difficult to find a durable bed on a budget, but opting for a simple metal bed frame is a fail-safe idea, as they are more structurally sound and impervious to damage than wooden. Be sure to work with your child and allow them some choice – for example, finding a mattress that they find comfortable. One easy way to get them involved in this is to let them choose new sheets, pillows, and blankets. It’s a great way to encourage their independence and make their living space comfier for them. If they are particularly creative, consider helping them decorate their existing furnishings, be it by tie-dying a duvet cover or sewing homemade cushion covers.

Workspace Vs. Playspace

As they get older and start school, and get even older and start sulking, work with them to make sure they have the equipment they need for schoolwork and play. A folding table and chair make a functional and small desk for studying or play activities, with stationery drawers to keep their materials organized. Additionally, make sure you are using the wall space as effectively as possible by investing in good bookshelves – these can be used to house books, and schoolwork, as well as toys, movies, and games, and can be easily modified to suit their different stages of growth. Remember also as they get taller to expand their wardrobe space, especially once your teen begins shopping for their own clothes – storage baskets are a lifesaver here.

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