June 15, 2024

If you are currently working on your first book, whether it is an interesting and well-researched piece on Middle Ages England or a thrilling crime thriller; you will be asking yourself the same question.  Do you really need a literary agent?  The answer really depends on whether you are looking to publish your book digitally or as an actual physical book.  For the former, many will argue that you don’t need a literary agent, while for the latter your book will stand a better chance of being successfully published with an agent’s help.

Finding an agent can be quite a task to undertake which is why many people the services of an agent hunter.  Before looking for an agent that could help get your work published, it is recommended that you take a look at the following look at what an agent actually can do for you.

Literary Agents Know The Right Editors To Target

You will find literary agents specialize in specific genres or areas of interest.  It is best to therefore find a literary agent that understands the category your book(s) are likely to fall into, as they will know the right editors to contact and send your work to with a view to getting it published.

A professional literary agent at work interviewing clients.

Agents Follow And Understand Trends In The Book Publishing Marketplace

The book publishing industry is always fluid and changing; even if it is small changes and it is important to find someone that keeps their finger on the pulse with regard to these changes.  It is affected by cultural shifts and technology shifts; like any other media.  Good agents will know about these and will know how they affect different editors.

Agents Can Help You Tweak Your Proposal/Manuscript

Before you send anything to an editor, you will be able to run it past your literary agent.  This will enable them to tweak the proposal and manuscript to give it the most appealing and polished look and feel to increase the chances of it being bought by an editor.

Agents Will Help You Get The Best Deal

Literary agents, as mentioned above, have a good idea about what is happening in the book publishing marketplace and will therefore have a good idea of what your manuscript is worth.  This means that they will be able to negotiate effectively with prospective editors to ensure you get the best deal for your blood, sweat, and tears.

Agents Will Also Take Care Of Future Contact Negotiations

Once you have successfully sold your manuscript to a publisher, that is not the end of the negotiating process.  There are often various ancillary subsidiary rights involved after your book has been published such as derivatives, electronic, foreign, and music, and all of these involve money.  It is crucial then that you have someone representing you that is knowledgeable enough to help you with the contract-ese used.  Basically, a literary agent will work tirelessly to ensure that you get the best deal for whatever other contracts are necessary to make more money from your creative fruits.

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