July 18, 2024

Correct maintenance of your car will allow it to last longer and perform properly. Without the right tools in your garage, it can be challenging to save money on car repairs. Simple repairs are easy to do and will make it simple for you to get your car fixed and back on the road in no time. Here are some car tools you need to own.

Screwdriver Set

This is a basic necessity for any homeowner, but an essential one if you have to work on cars. A good set of screwdrivers will include more than just standard and Phillips sets but will have stars and other adjustable heads to make it easy to work on various areas of the car. Having the right screwdrivers can help you get into the small areas of the car that can be difficult to maneuver without the correct tools. Even your basic garage door repair will require you to use a basic set of screwdrivers.


Every car owner needs a good set of pliers. Pliers can be used for so many different areas on the car from the brakes to the wires. Look for a set of pliers that have expandable combinations, wire cutters, and needle nose pliers as they help you work in a variety of areas.

Ratchet Set

Another essential tool you need to own is a ratchet set. Imported cars usually have metric bolts that are harder to work on. You need to have a metric and SAE ratchet set to help you properly work on the car. Research your car to know what you need to purchase when looking for the right ratchet set. A good ratchet set can cost upwards of $100, so this is something that will cost you more but will be worthwhile.

Air Compressor

Working on your car in the right way will require some tools that are an investment. Buying an air compressor is a great investment as it will allow you to easily remove the lug nuts on your tires, refill them with air, and work on other areas of your car. A good air compressor is something you need to consider investing in if you want to make it easier for yourself to work on the car.

Jack with Stands

When you work on a car, you need to have a jack with stands. This will help you lift the car to make it easier for you to get underneath to make repairs. Stands will prevent the car from moving as you work on it. Jacks need to be high quality to make it easy for you to raise and lower your car correctly. If it lowers too quickly, it can end up causing a serious problem when you are trying to lower the car as it can fall down.


A good set of wrenches can help with all the different nuts and bolts on the car. They need to have adjustable options to make it easy for you to work on the car correctly. They come in SAE and metric sizes, so you can use them on various parts of the car. Allen wrenches are another set of wrenches you need to work on modern cars as most of them have parts that require an Allen wrench. Investing in a good set of tools will help you work on your car, and save a lot of money on expensive car repairs.

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