February 29, 2024

If you’ve got to hang foam, whether, for crafting purposes, home repair, or even weather stripping, using self-adhesive foam is ideal because there’s no need for tools. Particularly when using high-quality dense foam that comes in the perfect thickness, you have more choices available to you in the form of rigid and soft panels, along with flexible tiles that are great for making anything from wall art to DIY fabric treatments.


From cushion and acoustic to household and utility, self-adhesive foam is a huge time saver, particularly for those who don’t want to haul out the toolbox. This type of foam is practical, affordable, and easy to cut and install. With adhesive backings built right into the foam, you save on your overall costs because you don’t have to purchase separate adhesives, screws, nails, and other support systems for your project.

Self-adhesive foam is also strong and durable, built to last, and handles a lot more weight than you would think. Foam board comes in a variety of sizes, such as 20×30 inches, which you can easily cut down to the exact size you need using a utility knife.


Easy to peel and stick, crafting is a big area in which you can use self-adhesive foam. You can purchase self-adhesive foam letters, shapes, stickers ideal for classroom use, and display boards ideal for artwork, graphs, charts, and presentations. You can even stick fabric to self-adhesive foam for a cute decorative piece that will spruce up any room. Small DIY projects that used to involve a hammer and nails can now be handled with adhesive backing foam, such as hard-to-hold items like posters, photos, and even maps. Some self-adhesive foam is repositionable, which means if you make a mistake in placement, you can easily take it off and try it again until you get it where you want it.

Foam Weather Stripping

Foam board with adhesive backing doesn’t always have to apply to crafts. It can also make applying weather stripping around windows and doors much easier. There are many flexible types available, and all of them are fairly easy to install without the messy cleanup and potential for hard-to-fix mistakes. Using the adhesive backing, simply stick the stripping onto the window or door right where you need it without the need for screws or nails.

What is It?

A self-adhesive foam board is basically a layer of foam between white paper (or sometimes many other colors) with a coating of adhesive on one side that’s covered with a thin protective liner. On the other side is the exposed smooth foam. Peeling off the liner exposes the adhesive, which you can stick on virtually any surface, such as walls, paper, fabric, and more.

You can purchase this type of product at any craft or hobby store. For more durable and heavy-duty foam backing, hit the home improvement store for bigger DIY projects. This affordable product has many uses, is durable and versatile, is sometimes repositionable, and is waterproof in many instances such as when weather stripping is involved. This makes it an ideal product to use when you don’t want to make a mess.

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