February 29, 2024

Cats are very independent creatures if they need to be. They can easily amuse themselves by chasing a shadow across a floor, scaring birds in the garden or simply sitting on a window sill watching the world go by for hours on end. Just having a wash can seemingly take half a morning sometimes and they will come and go as they please without the need to be taken for a walk.

A Busy Home Life

When life gets busy for us, particularly in a household with growing children, it’s easy to miss little signs or signals that perhaps your little feline friend is not feeling at their best. If they’re hungry and there’s no food in their bowl they will casually introduce themselves to your neighbors but if they have an accident or fall ill then they’ll head straight home to where they feel safe.

Our purring pals like to adventure and explore so having cat insurance will ensure that if something happens to your cat you won’t have to worry about how you’re going to pay the vet’s bill. Seeing a cherished pet unwell or hurt can be distressing for all the family, especially small children, so having a policy in place will ensure that they get the full treatment they need straight away.

There are plenty of policies for you to consider and cat insurance policies are a popular option thanks to the varying levels of coverage that are available and the flexible payment options.

Accidents Happen

And they happen all the time if your cat is an active one! It’s impossible to watch them every second of the day. When the seasons change and the ground gets wet a normally sure-footed cat can easily fall and hurt themselves while many cats get injured by curling up under a warm car and falling asleep.

These types of accidents are impossible to account for but keeping your cat healthy is relatively easy. Just follow these tips…

  • Always make sure that your cat has a fresh supply of clean water to drink especially if you feed it dry food which can be very dehydrating
  • Depending on the age and size of your cat you should tailor their portions of food appropriately, it’s rare that an animal will turn food down so if you don’t want an overweight cat then ask your vet for guidance on food portion size – read more about cat obesity here
  • Overweight cats can become unhealthy and need frequent trips to the vet so you should devise a food regime and stick to it which means not being tempted to give them treats just because they’re sitting on your lap!

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