What do Homes of the Future have in Store for us?

The common household is rapidly changing and adapting to our 21st century living, with various utensils and gadgets appearing in our homes to make life just that little bit easier. Scientists are taking that further all the time, with things like 3D printers and automated technology becoming more and more accessible in our homes, rather than just in exhibitions.

There will always be speculation regarding which ideas from the future we will actually see in our homes, and we’ve taken a look at some of the most important, significant and exciting things, as found on the 2030 Home Life Report.

Technology to reduce waste and energy consumption

Xeros Ltd have reportedly created a nylon micro bead technology that can replace water in the washing machine, attracting stains and smells away from clothes. The idea behind this is to reduce the amount spent on utilities, therefore decreasing consumer cost. It reportedly uses just 1% water which will of course therefore have a dramatic effect on water bills and will help save the planet.

Devices to make life easier and quicker for all the family


Parents will no doubt always be glad of things that will help make getting the kids’ active easier and more hassle free. That’s exactly what the Super Genius Trainers aim to do. These trainers assume that, by 2030, parents will be no more apt at getting their kids to play outside. However, the positive thing about them is that they harness the energy from running around into electricity to play video games or use gadgets.

Things that are making our home experience more personal

Dr Mirror is a genius and slightly intrusive smart-bathroom that analyses you in every way possible while you get ready for the day. Bathroom features ‘discreetly’ gather your health information, and then displays it on the mirror for you to see. Therefore it’s a mirror that tells/shows you not only how you look on the outside, but also on the inside, too. Once you’ve left the house, it displays health information on your smart-phone. This makes our regular bathroom mirror look a little inadequate, doesn’t it?

Something to help us get what we want in our homes whilst out and about

3D printers are growing in popularity and availability now, but this Mo. Mo. Molecule scanner allows you to scan anything whilst you’re out and about. It then analyses the components that make it up and allows you to reproduce it at your home. Therefore, in theory, if you see a piece of furniture in a fancy store whilst you’re out, you can just scan it and make it for yourself at home!

New things to actually aid the home-buying process

Crowd sourced mortgages is the idea that first-time buyers can rely on the power of crowd funding to make their big purchase, and investors can get that money repaid into their own retirement funds. It will be a global, virtual service which will make it possible for home owners to help each other fund their very own home.

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