May 27, 2024

Wooden furniture will always have a place in our homes because it is one of the easiest ways to have a focal point or give a more retro feel to a room.  There are many different types of wooden furniture available at the moment, but one of the most popular types is undoubtedly mango wood furniture.  Although it has always been traditionally accepted that harder woods such as oak are best for wooden furniture, mango timber furniture has greater advantages and benefits compared to the classic alternatives.  When you weigh up the advantages of mango wood against other types of wood, it is not hard to see why mango becomes a more appealing and attractive option.  Below we discuss just some of the best qualities and advantages of choosing mango wood furniture over the other types of hardwood furniture out there.


Compared to other woods more traditionally used in furniture, mango tree timber has been proven to be a lot more sustainable and reliable.  One of the reasons for this is undoubtedly the fact that mango trees grow a lot quicker than other trees, meaning mango timber can meet and sustain the demand for furniture better.  Something that has been a problem in wood furniture production in the past.  Because of this, it also seems as if the popularity of this different wood will keep increasing and it means that along with their fruit, the trees are now providing another use.

Distinctive And Striking Colours

Because the colours of the mango tree trunk can vary from very dark to light brown colours, often with a pink tint; means that the wood cut from the trees can come in a variety of different, interesting colours and tones.  Although hardwoods are typically harder to work with and manufacture items from, because the mango tree timber is one of the softest of all the hardwoods, it has the same robust qualities that make it great for furniture.

Mango Trees Are Tall Trees

Another great advantage of mango trees for furniture production is the fact that they can grow around 70 to 80 feet high and have a diameter of 5 ft.  When you consider that they grow faster than other trees, it makes them even more attractive.  They aren’t flawless as they can be prone to disease and fungus.  However, it is very easy to spot infected trees and contains them to stop the disease and fungus from spreading to other trees.

Mango Timber Tables And Other Furniture

Furniture made from mango wood such as tables and other units comes in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes.  You can also get items such as smaller coffee tables, bedside tables and other forms of display or storage units.  As mango wood is very durable, and sustainable, and also has the distinct advantage of looking very unique, with no two pieces looking the same colour and grain-wise, it makes them the perfect addition to a family home.

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