June 16, 2024

There are a variety of different things we could do in our free time, but why is it that the vast majority of us choose to spend that time messing around with apps and playing games online?  Is it really that we have become a very boring and unimaginative race of beings?  No, because many people who do play online games still do other things and as long as it doesn’t become too much of an obsession a little downtime with games can’t be a bad thing.

Playing games online through your phone or tablet is also a great alternative to sitting in front of the TV, which can become boring if you do it too often.  It could be that you have to stay at home because you have kids to look after, but playing online games can make this experience less dull. Check out this website for a game that is great for your iPad and iPhone.

There is also the fact that most of the popular apps and games that people play online are free, meaning they pass that little bit of spare time without spending any money.  So by not spending money, the only thing you are really wasting is your time, and if that time is spent well and you enjoy it, it’s not really a waste.  Even apps and games that do cost money for the full versions have demo versions that people can play so that they get a taster for them before deciding if they, and there is no obligation, want to part with a couple of pounds for the full version.

Passing The Time

Perhaps the best thing about playing games online or using apps through iPhones, Android smartphones, and tablets is that there is no specified length of time that you have to play or use an app.  Rather you can just use or play them when you have a couple of minutes spare when you are waiting for your doctor’s appointment, sitting in a restaurant or bar and waiting for your friends to show up, etc. you can use those spare minutes to play a fun and exciting game.

For many people, online games and apps are used to relieve stress.  At the end of a busy day at work full of pressure and hassle, it can be great to relax on your commute home playing Angry Birds or Flappy Bird or even Plants Vs. Zombies on your mobile phone.  The beauty of these games is that you do not have to put too much effort or concentration into them, but will reap the benefits of your mind having been taken off your busy day.

With many of the games, such as Words With Friends and SongPop for instance, there is the option to chat with other players which adds a social dimension to the whole affair as you can share with one another when you win or get a high number of points.

Although for most people, the aim is more to have fun and take their minds off the daily stresses; the competitive edge of the games is what makes them so addictive.  People want to work through the different levels of Candy Crush Saga, to see what’s next and possibly even to beat their friends and family who also play the game.

It doesn’t really matter why you choose to play online games, as long as you enjoy them.

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