Using Essential Oils to Help You Sleep

Why Essential Oils For Sleep May Be Just What the Doctor Ordered For A Good Night’s Rest

Are you facing another sleepless night? Did you spend half the night tossing and turning without any relief in sight? A sleepless night can do more harm to your mind and body than you think.

Some use over-the-counter medications to help ease their pain and get some rest. Did you know that using an over-the-counter sleeping pill may be causing a disruption in your sleeping patterns? Speak to a doctor sometime. Many of them feel that essential oils for sleep are the better way to go.

What Causes A Restless Night?

Your mind plays a big role in how you sleep. Your mind may be replaying the events of the day. Did your mind get attached to a person or place during your waking hours? Your mind begins to go for a loop. Your mind will get excessive. Your mind’s excessive behavior may result in you not sleeping.

Did you exercise close to bedtime? Did you consume a heavy meal or beverage before bedtime? The items you keep close to your bed will weigh on your mind. They will keep you from getting a good night’s sleep. Do you keep your phone next to your bed? I am guilty of this one. Your cell phone is adding to your stress. Your stress is contributing to your restlessness.

How Essential Oils Can Help

Essential oils are rooted in plant life. They are natural and will help to soothe you into a peaceful night’s rest. There are 7 essential oils you need to invest in to help aid in your sleeping patterns.

1) Lavender is the first one. Lavender is the most popular among customers. Lavender has a calming effect on the mind and body. Pour some of this into your bath before bed. Soak in a hot bath filled with lavender for about 30 minutes. You will drift off to sleep in no time. I have tried my baths with and without the lavender. The lavender makes it better.

2) Frankincense is the next one. This one works on all levels. It helps to heal and calm your emotions. Frankincense works on the mind and body.

3) Cedarwood aids in releases melatonin. This will help you to sleep. Cedarwood has a woodsy scent. You can reduce the aroma by adding lavender. Rub some on your feet and fall into bed. You will sleep like a baby.

4) There is something called Ylang ylang, meaning flowers for flowers. There is a reason why newlyweds get this thrown on their beds during their honeymoon. Ylang ylang will balance the male and female energies inside of you and give you peace.

5) The Greeks interpret Marjoram as the joy of the mountain and the Romans see it as the herb of happiness.

6) Vetiver is distilled from the roots of plants.

7) Roman Chamomille has a floral scent and is great for peace.

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