Top 4 Books to Add To Your Pregnancy Shortlist


Are you pregnant for the first time and looking for the best literature to educate you on what to expect?

We take a look at the top books you should consider adding to your shortlist.  These books will resonate nicely with every potential mother starting from those that have just got long anticipated positive in-vitro fertilization results (click here if you are still struggling with IVF) to those with already bulging tummies.

Your New Pregnancy Bible, The experts’ guide to pregnancy and early parenthood- Anne Deans

This is one of the best pregnancy books around, and the number of copies sold worldwide (over 1 million till date) is testament to that fact. The book focuses on some of the latest medical breakthroughs and thinking, and how they can make your pregnancy period less stressful.  If you are into some slightly heavier reading then try out Science Daily.

The book is in its 4th edition so you can be sure of reading material that is up to speed with changes in antenatal and new born care.  The book also does a great job of covering Caesareans.  Quality pictures show at a glance what happens at each stage of pregnancy and what you are expected to do, how you can take care of your newborn and so on.  There is also a section that goes over all the terminology and potential problems you need to know as a pregnant woman. Don’t dwell on the problems, but be aware of them.

The Rough Guide to Pregnancy and Birth- Kaz Cooke

Kaz Cooke did a great job with this book, as it is a complete guide to pregnancy life, delivery and living your first few weeks as a mum. It covers complex areas, like your health as pregnant mum and the health of your new born, and also deals with practical issues like dealing like nausea and stretch marks. The book is written in a friendly and witty manner, so it is guaranteed to keep your attention.  If you are worried about stretch marks right now then check out this NHS page on the subject.

What Mothers Do: especially when it looks like nothing- Naomi Stadlen

Are you close to your delivery date? This book is one of the best books you will ever read. It focuses on helping you organise your time as you take care of yourself and your new born.  Naomi has years of experience working with new mothers, and it shines through in this book. After reading this book, you will no longer be overwhelmed at the thought of caring for your baby. The chapter that focuses on temperament around your husband is a must read!

The Best Friends’ Guide to Pregnancy: Or Everything Your Doctor Won’t Tell You- Vicki Iovine

This book is for you if you are looking for a read that is conversational and funny, yet covers all the vital things you need to know as a mother. The book tackles all those little embarrassing things you can’t ask other people in public, all the handy tips, and what you need to know to understand your bodily changes; as well as a lot more. The book will have you relaxed and laughing from cover to cover!

Reading a few of these books will give you a great base of knowledge, and will help you have more tools, power and confidence to control your attitude through the struggles!


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