Tips On Giving Your Dining Room A Much Needed Makeover



So, you’re looking into updating your dining room – maybe the kids have beat up the current table, perhaps you’ve simply outgrown it, or the entire room is no longer up to your tastes. While putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls is a good place to begin, if you really want to make a drastic change, start with the focal point of the room: the dining room table.

Investing in a quality solid wood dining room table is a great way to makeover your dining room, as it provides a focal point that’s both beautiful and practical. So much of the pre-fabricated tables are made out of veneered or composite wood, or even plastics, and, frankly, while they might be a little cheaper, they’re not nearly as durable, and you get what you pay for. Plus, if you want to upgrade your dining room table without having to redecorate everything else, get a solid wood dining room table designed and handcrafted just for your specific room – you can choose the type of wood and stain. That way you’ll be able to create that one-of-a-kind look, because you’ll have a unique table crafted just for you.

Ideally, whichever craftsman is designing and constructing your table will use a quality hardwood such as cherry, maple, or oak: all of which should be readily available, and of good quality, here in Ontario. Despite it being classified as a softwood, pine also makes an exceptional alternative for a solid wood dining room table. In having it designed and built specifically for you, there won’t be any questions as to the type of wood in use. Some manufacturers or resellers can incorrectly classify wooden tables as “hardwood” despite actually being constructed out of hardwood composite or veneer over some other core – that’s just another thing you have to look out for when buying furniture, so ask you craftsperson.

Once the wood is chosen, you and your craftsman should decide on an appropriate stain to match your exact preference. This will increase the visual appeal of your table, while also optimizing your ability to appropriately care for your new signature piece of furniture, as many wood stains contain additives that can make the wood resistant to liquids or easier to clean. After all, a solid wood table that’s properly cared for can be passed down through generations.

Finally, once your piece is constructed and stained, you need to get it back to your home. This is another place where choosing the right company will be important. Some companies in the Toronto area leave transportation up to you, or will hire a standard moving or freight company to simply haul your table to your home. The premium tier of service would be what is known as “white glove” delivery, where the delivery agents transport, inspect, and install the table in the room of your choice, and then haul away any packing materials. After all, if you want the highest quality table, why not ensure it isn’t damaged getting it into your home?

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