June 16, 2024

Over the years I have often dreamed of fitting a quality library and reading room in my house. This is usually something that comes to mind after seeing a particularly classy home library on television. So how would I be best going about this?

Small and Cosy

It is extremely tempting to consider getting one of those huge, luxurious home libraries that are sometimes shown in on-screen mansions. Sure they look great but could I really imagine one in my house? As well as the huge percentage of my home it would take up, this would also need far more books to fill it than I am ever likely to own. Keeping the whole thing clean and free of dust would also be extremely difficult in a huge library. Also, unless it is for showing off, a smaller and more intimate space just seems better. Most book lovers would presumably prefer to curl up with a good book in a warm, cosy space than in a giant library.

Lots of Wood

One of the things I would definitely have in my ideal home library is a lot of wood. This just seems like the perfect look, starting off with warm wooden flooring and going on to lovely wooden chairs, tables and accessories. As well as the wood just looking so good, I think that this would be an extremely practical choice. For instance, it would be an easy place to clean and all that wood would make it feel very homely and cosy. If we look at the floor, this type of durable flooring has excellent acoustic properties and it is easy to clean. It would be a fantastic feeling to spend some time reading in a home library filled with warm wood. Topping it off with some exotic fabrics and wooden ornaments from around the wood would just be perfect. Some African and Asian carvings would give it the kind of eclectic and interesting look that I love.

No Phones or Distractions

If there is one thing I wouldn’t want in my reading room it is distractions. This would be my place to get away from the world and enjoy some peace and quiet. No phones would ever enter here and there would be no television either. All I need are lots of books and somewhere comfortable to sit or lie down while reading them.  Indeed, with one of those warm hardwood floors in there, I could just lie down on top of a warm rug and read my favourite books right there on the floor. It certainly sounds like an excellent way to spend some quality time reading without a care in the world. This kind of book haven would be my ideal space for getting away from the stresses and strains of the world for a while. Can you imagine how good it would be to head here after a tough day at work and just get lost in a big pile of books for a few hours?

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