June 15, 2024

Protecting your home during storms and extreme weather conditions should be a priority among homeowners, regardless of where you live. Storms, winter weather, and even unseasonably warm temperatures can wreak havoc on your home, potentially causing costly damage while also making those living there uncomfortable, possibly posing a risk to their health and well-being. There are some common-sense strategies that may be adopted regardless of your geographic locale, while also eliminating the need for pricey repairs later on.

Keep the following in mind when preparing for storms or extreme conditions:

Snow and Ice

When you think of winter storms, it is likely that snow and ice come to mind. The best defense against the cold days of winter is insulation. Even if your home was insulated fairly recently, it can still be helpful to check and enhance the insulation around your attic, ceilings, windows, crawl spaces, and pipes. If you spot ice hanging from the gutters or eaves, it is possible that heat is escaping through your attic. Caulk gaps around windows and lay blankets or towels on the floor of the attic to curb this heat loss.

Garage doors can get jammed up by ice and snow that gets packed into the mechanisms. The best way to prevent this is to concentrate on removing the snow quickly from this area before it has a chance to get packed in or turn to ice. This will also ensure that you can close the door tightly, keeping the whole home warmer. Never use a gas space heater inside the home during storms or power outages as the toxic fumes can be dangerous for your family. Keep ample supplies on hand to tide you over until the storm has passed. This will eliminate the need to be out on dangerous, slippery roads for needed goods.

Wind and Rain

If you live somewhere that is prone to high winds and torrential rain storms, it could be practical to consider some sort of safeguard such as outdoor rain screen panels. These panels will put a protective barrier between your home and the driving rain outside. Another great idea is to implement California shutters on your home. These will keep flying debris from blowing into your windows, potentially breaking glass and causing subsequent water damage from rain. It is wise to keep trees pruned in your yard and on your property in the event of high winds. This will remove yet another hazard that could be blown into your home, damaging your belongings or injuring your loved ones. If you notice a line is down, never attempt to move or touch the line as it could be live. Instead, call the city or electric company for assistance.

When you see people preparing for hurricanes, they frequently use wide tape to cover their windows. While this will prevent the glass from shattering, it won’t help the window from breaking. A rain-screen panel or storm shutter will be a more effective approach.


Contrary to popular belief, lightning can strike twice in the same spot. Use care to protect your electronics from power surges during lightning storms and use fire precautions whenever possible.

Stay safe and keep your family comfortable with these storm suggestions. A bit of care and caution now can reduce the need for costly repairs after the storm has done its damage. Also, many of these tips will help conserve energy and could potentially lower the cost that many pay every month for utility bills. Get ready for storms before they hit, and keep supplies on hand to make the time spent inside a bit more comfortable and pleasant for the whole family!

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