Popular Trends in Outsourcing IT Services

Although it is a good idea to hire the services of a provider of IT outsourcing in London; it is not as easy to figure out the areas that require external help. Figuring out the outsourcing ratio may depend on the nature and focus of your company. For example, certain organizations may feel that help desk services should be managed by in-house staff, since it is an ideal way to promote company culture. On the other hand, another organization might feel help that desk services are commodity services that are best handled by a trusted outsourcing partner. Although this confusion cannot be resolved easily, it can be useful to your company’s growth if you are aware of the popular trends in IT outsourcing in London. Small to medium sized businesses can get high quality technical support and computer networking, including cloud computing services, from reputed IT consultants in London.

Top IT Outsourcing Trends to Watch Out For

Leading IT consultants in London, such as WinMax IT, which provide IT outsourcing and support services have observed certain IT outsourcing trends in London, such as:

  • Rise of machines: The tasks that are normally performed by full time employees can be automated due to the implementation and development of new and futuristic technology.  Smart machines have already and will continue to impact IT services. There are even speculations of artificial intelligence, such as robots, replacing people in logistics and manufacturing.
  • Increased insourcing: Compared to the amount of services outsourced by IT companies, a significant percentage will be brought back in-house. Service integration is an integral competency that may turn as an increased insourcing activity. A solid and foolproof internal service integration capability may provide better knowledge of the business and flexibility. Having said that, building key expertise in-house might be an expensive option, especially for SMEs and so, for now, the obvious solution is IT consulting services.
  • Cloud outsourcing: Large organizations that previously hesitated to use cloud computing services to secure their company data are gradually moving towards cloud based systems.There are some obvious benefits of moving to a cloud, including safety of data, 24×7 accessibility from anywhere, as well as the fact that it does away with the need to allocate copious amounts of space for documentation.
  • Rise in low cost providers: With the mushrooming of IT outsourcing providers, not only has the competition become fierce but to gain an edge over rivals, more and more IT consulting services are offering their skills at a lower price without compromising on quality.
  • Domestic sourcing: When you choose an offshore IT consulting company, there are a number of drawbacks, such as cultural and language barriers, political uncertainty, time-zone difference, etc. This has resulted in the rise of domestic sourcing companies. These companies might charge more than offshore ones but the experience and competence of their personnel is unquestionable.

The birth of new technology and upgraded infrastructure is going to impact IT outsourcing in London significantly. It is wise to be aware of the trends and make informed choices of IT consultants in London.

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