June 16, 2024

House 27

The kitchen is often the busiest and most utilized room in the house, making it a top target for home improvements. However, luxury items like granite countertops, hardwood floors, custom cabinets, and high-end appliances can really hurt your pocketbook; not to mention the headaches caused by loud and intrusive remodeling efforts. Fortunately, there is a myriad of ways you can improve the kitchen you have now without breaking the bank. Give your kitchen new life with these helpful tips to improve both the aesthetics and functionality of this household hub. Most are just a purchase away at your local home goods store and can even boost the appeal of the kitchen in your rental unit.


A great place to start is the lighting of the room, which can either make for a great ambiance or ruin it altogether. Many rentals have either outdated or ugly fluorescent central light fixtures, which can cast a less-than-appetizing light on even the most delicious meal. There are plenty of inexpensive vintage and new fixtures available that can make a major difference in the feel of your kitchen through their rich light. Another cost-effective, creative way to illuminate the kitchen is adding LED lights to the insides and undersides of cabinets, immediately giving those spaces a high-end feel.


It’s all about the details in a fancy kitchen, so improving small items like the hardware of the cabinets, drawers, and switch plates with a premium material like stainless steel, brass or wrought iron creates a significant boost in aesthetic appeal with minimal cost and effort.


According to Berkel Sales and Service (www.berkelsalesservice.com), if your kitchen features outdated cabinets, painting the fixtures is a simple and effective way to boost their appeal. There are a variety of patterns and color schemes that can make even the most ordinary cabinets suddenly look modern and relevant. Using the same color family, try painting the cabinet body a few shades darker than the doors to create tonal contrasts. Taping off pin lines using masking tape is another way to add depth, and using faux painting techniques can also add vintage depth.


Does your pantry look more like the shelf of your local market than an inspiration for new dishes? Ditch those cardboard and plastic boxes for the classed-up look of glass containers such as mason jars or any other stylish clear container. Your food is now more organized and presented in a visually pleasing fashion. Hanging your pots and pans on the wall is another convenient storage solution that offers a classic look. If wall space is premium, hanging pots and pans from the ceiling using J-hooks also creates a visual centerpiece. This technique is extremely effective if you own colorful or unique cookware.


We’re all familiar with that bag of cold cuts in the refrigerator that’s been sitting there for much too long. Upgrade to a meat slicer to ensure the freshness of your meats. This also gives the countertop another high-end item to boast. There are many quality slicers on the market for less than $150. The concept can be applied to other inexpensive but stylish items like vintage or modern-style blenders, coffee makers, and toasters to give the countertop a high-end look without a remodel.

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