How To Deal With Pests Inside Your Roof


Having pests in your roof or attic can be an annoying situation, to say the least. Hearing the scurrying of little feet or a purring/ whimpering noise can be unsettling, especially if you don’t know exactly what species of pest that noise is coming from. Common pests that can get inside your home include birds or bats; rodents like mice, rats, raccoons, or squirrels; or insects like bees, wasps, or termites. Not only is it annoying to have pests in your roof, but it is also unsanitary to have pests in your roof or attic because pests leave droppings that can cause illnesses. They are also dangerous because they can damage your home or attack you or other family members. Most people aren’t aware of pests inside their homes until they hear them, see droppings, trails, or the pests themselves, or smell a strange odor. It is important to get rid of pests as soon as you become aware of them because they can multiply pretty rapidly. Here are a few steps that you can take to get rid of pests in your roof or attic.

If you live in Toronto, there is a good chance you may encounter Raccoons in your roof at some point, and while the critters are well loved by outsiders, Torontonians know the nocturnal garbage bandits can be a real pain in the roof.

  1. Identify the pest(s).Before you can get rid of the pests in your roof, you need to know what you’re getting rid of. If you hear scurrying noises or irregular noises, chances are that it is a rodent or possible a bird or bat. You can set a trap to capture one, this way you can figure out which type of rodent it is. Another method of figuring this out is by looking at characteristics of the feces: this method works for all pests, not just rodents.
  2. Set traps according to the type of pest(s) you have.For mice and rats, set mouse traps (use bigger ones for rats because the small ones won’t kill them). Don’t use cheese as bait – they don’t like cheese. You will need to set a lot of them. For squirrels, you can use the traps with one or two metal doors so that you can catch them and relocate them, which is handy if you or your partner are sensitive to the wellbeing of the critters. It isn’t recommended that you try to catch bats or raccoons. There is a high probability that they may attack you if they are cornered. There are many Toronto pest control specialist that can remove these for you.
  3. Pest-proof your roof so they don’t come back.Identifying the pests should have also lead you to identifying their entry points. Common entry points for pests are loose door seals, holes in window screens, vents and exhausts, cracks or holes in foundations and exterior walls, and holes and access points on your roof. You can fix these yourself or search for good Toronto roofers to help pest-proof your home.

A silver lining to having pests in your roof is that it can indicate certain weaknesses and structural problems with your roof. Local experts can help you understand your roof repair options so that you can seal that sucker up tighter than ever before and sleep tight knowing that your home is secure from animals and the elements!

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