July 18, 2024

For many years, a man’s dream to build his own ‘man cave’ has seemed to have increased. So much so, that the ‘she shed’ has come along too, women are also wanting their own little world to break away to. To be able to build your own kingdom filled with your hobbies or luxuries, how awesome would that be?

Many people use their garden structures for a time to break away and the ability to create their own sanctuary away from home life. These set-ups are perfect if you’re wanting to seek out peace and serenity.

Do you have the space for a garden room? Are you trying to decide on getting one? But are not quite sure what you would use it for? Garden specialists Oeco Garden Rooms have come up with some useful tips and slightly crazy fun ones, that you can use the space.

Top ten tips:

1: Home spa  Wouldn’t it be nice to have your spa and live the dream? Embrace your surroundings and get the same experience you would normally get at a spa. Use a garden room to create your own relaxing place to unwind and recharge yourself.

Fit a home sauna or steam room inside, or if you can, both! As well as a rainfall shower and somewhere to relax. You can add your own spa touches with oil burners or incense and you could even extend the spa experience outside with a relaxing hot tub.

2: Vintage game arcade Relive the good old video game days with your own arcade machines inside. Sadly the game arcades of the 80’s and 90’s have gone out of fashion, but if you enjoy retro games, why not use a garden room to make your own vintage video game arcade collection? Set up old and new consoles, dance and music games are perfect for those late nights with family or friends.

3: Helping hand Set up the summer house for your son, daughter or a close friend to stay in whilst their on the hunt to save money. Present the services they need, set up any extra necessities they require and charge them a reasonably discussed rent.

This would be a great way for youngsters to save money, whether they’re currently studying or only working part time, this would be ideal and help them save up the money they need.

4: Memorabilia room How cool would it be to collect and horde your own memorabilia gathering? From the garden room space, you’ll be able to finally build up your dream collection. They’re literally anything you can collect and display, either displaying your passion for your favourite movies or video games.

For example, if you have a passion for Game of Thrones, fill your garden room with items and figurines. Have your own exhibition and hang up pictures/posters or any signed autographs, get your hands on the clothing and replica weapons from the show, build shelving for your character figurines, or display maps on the walls like ‘Weteros’.

5: Work  Want to be more creative with work or produce more efficient results? By evading the distractions from the main house, you’ll find more productive results come into play. More time to concentrate in peace, this will be a huge head start to your objectives. Maybe if you want to skip the commute or run your own business from home, a garden room offers you the space and peace you require.

This would also be a good idea for your kid’s school work, bringing them out away from their distractions and into a peaceful office/library-based garden room, allowing them to focus, achieve and improve overall results.

6: Your own local – Turn your garden room into your own bar setup. Whether you brew your own beer, make your own wine or enjoy making your own flavoured spirits, then expand your hobby into reality, and get serving! No more expensive drinks and taxis out to town for everybody, host your own party night at home. Get together with family and friends without having to leave your garden.

7: Gym Have your very own gymnasium! Add in different workout equipment to the garden room, leaving an area for floor work. Allow yourself enough room to operate these workouts as building it overcrowded can turn out to become unsafe. Add mirrors down one side, so you can watch your form and build in a music system to keep you motivated. Garden rooms also have enough space to add a shower and changing room too.

8: Airbnb/guestroom – Garden rooms are perfect for adding an extra room to your home for family and friends to stay in whilst they visit. Incorporate your own Airbnb, a great setup for making some extra money on the side or gaining your initial investment of the garden room back.

9: Hobby room –Turn your garden room into a hobby space. Whether it’s sewing or crafting, beer making to furniture restoration. Perhaps you’re a reading fanatic and would love to store all of your books away neatly. Garden rooms make great areas to enjoy your favourite pastime and luxuries.

10: Your own Yoga Ashram – Getting your fitness and health up to scratch can easily be done, a garden room is a perfect space to create your own Yoga Ashram. Add some ambience with mood lighting, cushions and pillows and of course a yoga mat. You will have your own little space to escape to, keeping yourself calm, clear and collected.

From this, you can see there are numerous ways you can use your garden room, whether you wanted to use it for work, your creative and passionate hobbies or just as a space away from the main house to relax and unwind anything is possible. So what will you use yours for?

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