July 18, 2024

After moving into a new house, it can take a while before it starts to feel like home, especially if you’ve moved out of a house you’ve lived in for years. The environment feels completely different, and creating a warm, inviting place can take a little time.

Here are a few tips for making this new place as comfortable and beautiful as the last home:

1. Amenities

When moving to a new house, one of the easiest ways to create a homey atmosphere is to have the amenities already set up within the house. If possible, make sure the TV and Internet are already hooked up, the water is turned on, and the electricity is on and working by the time you have moved in.

2. Family Room

One of the best tricks to settle within your new home is to start one room at a time in order to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Start with whatever room you and your family will do most of your “living” in. Whether that’s the family room, the living room, or a bonus room, try to settle it as soon as possible—even if you think you’re going to paint later on or will want to move furniture around. Just the act of having an unpacked room will dramatically increase the warmth and charm within the home.

3. Unpack

Once you have one area settled, try to unpack the rest as quickly as possible. Living in boxes for months can make you feel like you living in a guesthouse or on vacation somewhere. When things are not set up or put away, the house feels impersonal. Bite the bullet and unpack as quickly as possible because something as little as being organized can change the house’s outlook from chaotic to cozy.

4. Paint

Sometimes white walls can feel stark and cold. Giving each room a quick paint job easily puts your personality in the home as well as added vibrancy and life to the home. Putting in the effort to transform the home into a familiar, relaxed environment adds an attachment to the place. It is no longer an empty, unwelcoming place; instead, these personal touches make it a friendly environment.

5. Decorate

Nothing makes a house feel more like home than the personal touches of meaningful artwork, photographs, and familiar decor. Because the new house is set up differently than your old house, do not fixate on trying to put everything in the exact same place. Instead, allow your creativity to flow freely and have fun decorating differently than the last place. Plus, you can always change decorations later. Test them out and see how you feel.

But, more than furniture, fill the space with people. Have a housewarming party or weekly or monthly gatherings with friends and family. Sharing space with those who are most important will no doubt transform the empty house into a loving, personal home.

Image Source: www.moveoneinc.com

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