May 27, 2024

Readers need a quiet, comfortable space to embrace the classics and drift into the otherworldly epochs of time. If you are a lover of classical literature, creating your reading corner with classic furniture will help put you in the frame of mind to drift among the pages of centuries-old novels.

Whether you prefer the rustic world of Dickens blended with the aristocracy of Dostoyevsky or the soft romantic textures of Jane Austen brought to life with the flamboyancy of Oscar Wilde, to create your own reading corner you need the classic essentials that predominantly involve wood and brass.


A reading corner should ideally feature a bookcase although the amount of space you have dictates which type of shelving you choose. For spacious rooms, an imposing bookcase has more presence, such as the Arco glass cabinet from Carpanelli. The classical walnut finish with palisander and rosewood frames makes an impact but is subtle enough to draw attention to your colorful book collection.

Leather chair

The leather chair provides a touch of class to practically every room, but a Chesterfield porter’s chair is an iconic feature that will grace any reading corner. The thick rolled arms and sturdy back support conjure images of well-heeled aristocrats sitting in their smoking jackets slowly getting drunk on brandy. The luxurious seating choice is perfect to kick back and let your imagination be taken for a ride.

A modern coffee table in a living room.

Coffee table

The coffee table, of course, is an essential feature of a reading corner and there are no shortage of options. Stick with the theme of wood, a vintage industrial railroad pallet offers a unique design and makes the Chesterfield seem even more comfortable and inviting. The table has two wheels on one end so is easy to move when cleaning. For decoration, why not feature an Athenian vase with images of classic Greek mythology?

Subtle lighting

Lighting is very important for readers as you do not want too much brightness so that it masks the words on your page, or a light that is too far away to give you enough light.

You have the option of a standing lamp, side table lamp, or wall lamp, the type you choose depends on the space you have, but a stylish lamp with a heavily weighted base and antique brass finish is perfect for the classical reading corner. You could of course mimic characters from the classics themselves and opt for a solid brass candle holder you can carry around the house with you once all the lights are out.

For many people, reading time is valuable alone time, and there is nothing better than absorbing yourself in comfort and luxury. Vintage and antique furniture compliments the tastes of classical literature readers so why not become your favorite character and let the novels of yesteryear inspire your interior design concept?

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