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Improving the Look of Your Home

There are some things a homeowner may choose to do with their property that can enhance the looks and improve the overall curb appeal of their home. The payoff for this extra labor may actually extend to an increase in the overall value of their...

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Create Your Own Classical Reading Corner

Readers need a quiet, comfortable space to embrace the classics and drift into the otherworldly epochs of times. If you are a lover of classical literature, creating your reading corner with classic furniture will help put you in the frame of mind to drift among...

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DIY. Invaluable for absolutely any writer

Sash windows. Panel doors. Door furniture. Lights. Broken stuff. There you are. My Big Five favourite DIY procrastinations to keep myself from what I’m meant to be doing all day, which is writing. Unlike Jennifer, I’m not a blogger. And unlike the committed souls whose...

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Maintaining Your Sidings

While siding generally comes with a long life span and requires little maintenance, there are some things you can do to further extend the life and aesthetic appeal of your home's siding. Giving it a little TLC now will go a long way toward helping...

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