Can You Solve These Common Window Problems?


Sometimes windows present problems that can be frustrating if you don’t know how they surfaced or how to properly fix them. The following is a list of three common window issues that every Canadian homeowner is likely to encounter and the simple solutions that they need.

  1. Condensation

This is a common issue during the colder times of the year when the cool air forces windows to be covered in fog. The water vapor may seem like a minor inconvenience, but an abundance of window condensation can cause moisture damage to the frame and surrounding area. The excess moisture can encourage mold growth and can even cause rot if it continually seeps into the wood around the frame. The way to prevent window condensation is to increase the ventilation in the home — this means running exhaust fans, getting dehumidifiers and opening windows to encourage better air circulation. Thick curtains should also be replaced with light-weight ones because heavy fabric can enable condensation.


  1. Winter Cold

If freezing temperatures are creeping into the house, the windows are not performing as well as they should. The ideal solution for this problem is to winterize the windows with the help of seasoned experts in the field like the professionals at Golden Windows. This window and door company has been manufacturing and distributing first-rate products for over fifty years — their official website is full of tips for home owners to maintain windows and improve their performance in unpredictable Canadian climates. If winterizing the windows does not stop the bitter cold from coming indoors, they will need to be removed and the home will need to be equipped with high-quality energy-efficient replacements.

  1. Filthy Surfaces

Washing the windows may seem like a simple chore, but it can be challenging depending on the circumstances — the number of windows that the house has, along with their styles, shapes and placements can all factor into the amount of time and effort it will take to tackle. Here is a short list of simple tips that will help any homeowner with cleaning windows so that they can have a spotless view of the outdoors:

  • A soft microfiber cloth should be the main tool used for washing in order to avoid residue, which often occurs with paper towels, tissues and other types of cloth.
  • Even if there is crusted dirt or grime on the window, harsh materials like steel wool or sandpaper should never be used — these tools could permanently destroy the clear glass surface.
  • Remember to remove the window screens during the window cleaning process — carefully rinse them with warm water and let them dry before placing them back in their original spot.

Condensation, winter cold and general filth are common issues that everyone will have to deal when they own a home. Homeowners equipped with the right information can quickly solve any problem with their windows so that they can feel comfortable in their house at all times.

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