July 18, 2024
A plumbing emergency at home

At some point, every household plumbing system manifests at least one or two minimal issues. It’s always best to deal with such issues before they become major problems. If you learn how to identify some of the most common household plumbing issues, you’ll be able to contact a residential plumbing company as soon as possible. A professional can help you remedy plumbing problems at an affordable cost, so that you and the other people in your home are not forced to endure much expense and inconvenience.

Clogged Drain

A clogged drain is one of the most common household problems. Drains can easily get clogged with food particles, hair, or just about anything else. One way to prevent a clogged drain from occurring is to avoid putting oil in it.

Any form of fat or grease can contribute to a clogged drain, so you should dispose of cooking oils in a different way whenever possible.

But sometimes, you simply cannot prevent a drain from becoming clogged. One common mistake people make is to use a commercial product to unclog a drain. Such products can damage the pipes in your home, and the cost to get a pipe replaced could be far more than simply paying a plumber to fix the blockage in your drain.

Another potentially fatal mistake is to pour a combination of substances down a drain. If you pour bleach in your drain and find that it hasn’t resolved a clog, don’t pour anything else down the drain. Adding another product after the bleach could cause an explosion, and it could also produce a gas that is actually lethal. Typically, the safest strategy to employ is to consult a professional.

A man working to unclog a toilet.

Clogged Toilet

When a toilet becomes clogged, the result can be both inconvenient and alarming. You should always have a toilet plunger accessible in your bathroom, so that you can use this handy tool when you need it. If the problem is caused by a foreign object being flushed down the toilet, such as a toy, the plunger could fix the problem. However, some toilet clogs are more difficult to handle, and you may need to contact a residential plumbing company for assistance.

Broken Fixture

A broken fixture in your sink or shower could quickly leave you without access to water. A common reason that shower fixtures become broken is that people place too much weight on them. A shower caddybmay be a convenient item to have in your shower, but be sure that you don’t place too many objects on it. If you do, the showerhead may eventually break. This will mean hiring a professional to replace it, and you may need to cover the cost of a new showerhead as well.

Dripping Faucet

Fixing a dripping faucet may seem like a simple task initially, but trying to repair it without help could lead to much aggravation. A quick look at some do-it-yourself information can confirm how complicated this type of job is if you aren’t a professional. You first need to determine the kind of faucet you have. If you need to replace a washer, you may need to remove several components in order to gain access to it. If you forget to put the components back in their proper order, you could soon have a faucet that no longer works. A professional will be equipped to identify the issue and repair it effectively.

Knowing a little about basic plumbing problems can be useful. If you catch a plumbing issue early enough, you may prevent a household disaster. A reputable residential plumbing company will help you to resolve your plumbing problems efficiently and affordably.

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