June 15, 2024

There are many ways you can enhance a garden, and they don’t have to be expensive. Planting flower borders and having a lush green lawn are both great ways of getting a good-looking garden, but what about that traditional yet sometimes overlooked gem, the garden pond? Ponds have been part of garden landscaping for many centuries, and not just in the big ornamental gardens that adorn stately homes. They are a staple of suburban gardens, too, and make a fine addition if you are looking for that natural style.

The great thing about installing a pond is it is not expensive; you can buy pre-formed pond liners that you simply drop into a hole, and add water. Or, you can create your own by digging your hole and lining it with readily available plastic pond liner, and finishing it however you want. You can get that natural look or you can design a circular or square pond, whichever suits your space best and don’t worry if you only have a small available space, you can still have a pond and enjoy it.

Pumps and Filters

If you are seriously considering a pond, you need to look into pumps and filters. The reason for this is that a still pool of water will very quickly become home to algae and bacteria that are harmful to fish, other wildlife, and plants. Of course, you want your pond to be attractive to frogs, newts, and insects that lay their young on the water, and you also want to be able to have fish and plants to give it that extra natural appeal.

A pump and filter system, usually a submersible pump and external filter, keep the water moving in a constant cycle in which it travels through the filter and back into the bond. A UV light treatment will kill the algae, and bacterial filtering will remove the harmful bacteria and encourage that which is good for the pond environment. This process keeps your pond water clean and healthy and makes for a great place to keep fish.

Other Adornments

With a pond pump, you can also add water features such as a fountain or waterfall, as well as feeding a filter. This way, you make your pond more ornamental, and also add to the aeration of the water as the movement will help. Choose where you put your pond carefully – make sure there is some shade as it will be required – and consider falling leaves from trees. Invest in a good net, so you can remove offending debris that will be too large for the pump.

Once you have an idea of where you want your pond to be, you can begin planning what will be an excellent addition to your garden, so why not check out the site further for more information on how you can have a wonderful, ornate pond in your garden that will be perfect for fish and other wildlife, at very little cost.

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