July 18, 2024

It doesn’t matter if you are looking at brand new kitchen sinks to replace your current ones or because you are completely renovating your kitchen, there are some considerations you need to make before making your choice.  Although they may only seem important from a purely aesthetic point of view, you need to ensure you buy high-quality kitchen faucets.  You may have to spend more than you thought, but it will be worth it in the end.  Along with ensuring they are high quality, you will find 5 other things below you should consider.


You need to decide if you are going to repair or install your kitchen faucets yourself or hire a professional plumber.  Modern faucet designs are put together so that virtually anyone can install them.  However, it is worth considering a professional plumber as there is always a risk of leaks if faucets are not installed correctly.  Simply put, if you feel capable enough – try doing the job yourself as you will save a little money; if you don’t feel confident though, hire a professional.

Number Of Holes In Your Kitchen Sink

If you are replacing your current faucets with updated models it is recommended that you look for new faucets that need the same number of holes in the sink deck as those in the original set.  As a general rule of thumb, hot and cold taps need 3 holes for the spout and actual taps, while a 4th may be required for the sprayer.  Though there are others that only require 1 hole for the handle and 1 for the sprayer.

Handle Type You Want/Need

When it comes to handling types, there are two main types that are most commonly used.  A one-handled faucet is rotated in a particular direction to control the temperature of the water or a two-handled faucet is used to mix the hot and cold water.  One-handled faucets have handles on either side and are easier to install and look after.  Lever-style handles obviously have their advantages as they enable you to turn the taps on and off with just your elbow if your hands are sticky or full.

Faucets with Sprayers Are Better

Sprayers on kitchen faucets are normally used as built-in washing-up liquid or soap dispensers.  Multifunction pull-down spray heads are much better than alternatives as they offer more control and are easy to use.  It is important to ensure you don’t skimp on the cost of the button or any of the other parts as any saving you think you are making will undoubtedly cost you more money further down the line in terms of repairs and maintenance.

Your Kitchen Faucets’ Water Filtration System

Modern faucets offer the extra feature of an in-built water filtration system.  This enables you to ensure that every single glass of water, a cup of tea, or whatever water-based drink you have is made from clean and clear water.  Be sure to check out the full range of kitchen furniture and accessories at PlumbTile.com

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