July 18, 2024

I’ve been asking myself repeatedly why some people are so keen to play online games. Perhaps it’s their ease of use, perhaps it’s their casual nature that makes them popular, I’m not sure – the fact remains that online games are popular. There is one category of online games, though, that I find most intriguing, and decided to try it for myself. It’s gaming for money – real money, not just virtual coins, like in some popular social games that have been released lately. Here are some of the things I learned while taking my first steps in the real money gaming world.

1. Not all gaming portals are created equal

Online gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry. It’s a heavily regulated one, too – but there are always some that slip through the cracks with their less-than-legal businesses. To avoid these – and disappointment in the whole business – always find a gaming portal that has all its papers in order.

I chose Royal Vegas, an operator based in Malta. Licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, a respected institution in the European Union, it is among the most strictly verified ones out there. Its games and services are guaranteed to be safe and fair by independent auditors checking their practices periodically. It’s one portal I can use with peace of mind.

2. Not all bonuses are as good as they sound

I’ve come across some websites offering tens of thousands of dollars in bonuses for their new players. While this sounds great, there is always a fine print to be read – sometimes they want way too much in return. They call it “wagering requirements”, and are part of any such operation’s Terms. Read them carefully before opting in.

What Royal Vegas expects in return for its $1,200 bonus (spread across several deposits) is realistic and fair. The operator makes it clear what players need to do if they accept the bonus, and also gives them the option not to accept it at all. It keeps separate records of your real cash and bonus cash and gives you clear instructions on how to turn one into another.

3. Choose your games wisely

If you are playing for fun, feel free to choose whichever games you, please. But if you play to round up your budget, make sure to choose the right game for this end. Any game that gives you the freedom to make decisions can be profitable.

The Royal Vegas has hundreds of games to choose from. The vast majority of them are fun to play (although I found a handful of boring ones as well). But some of them – like the several blackjack versions it offers – have the potential to put cash in your pockets.

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