May 27, 2024

Keeping your roof in shape can prevent expensive repairs and can keep you from losing your home. A weakened roof can be vulnerable during a major windstorm, easily blowing off the home, or collapsing if a tree falls upon it. A yearly roof inspection is a great way to get an idea of the status of your roof. When you are examining the roof, it is important to focus on safety. Roofing accidents can lead to major injuries and even fatalities. Here are some things to look for when you examine a roof.

Missing or Loose Shingles

The duty of protecting your home from rain, wind, and other ailments primarily falls to the shingles. If there are missing shingles, it can cause a number of issues. Missing shingles make the entire roof vulnerable to wear and tear, forcing you to replace the roof well before its time.

loose shingles on a roof

The best and easiest thing you can do is purchase new shingles and replace all the missing shingles. Inspect the sheathing while you make the repairs. You want to look at the sheathing to see if there is damage. When replacing shingles, you need to look for any popped nails that need to be secured back in place.

Removing Debris

If your roof ends up having twigs, leaves, and other things trapped upon it, it can lead to moss growth. Moss and mold will begin to break down the shingles and overall structure of the roof. You need to clean the roof to prevent these issues from occurring. Use a power washer to remove all the excess dirt and things that grow on the roof. Clean out the gutters to help water freely flow off the roof. If the water is trapped, it will start to pool on the roof.

This excess water will slowly eat away at the shingles and sheathing until it rots, causing major leaks. Use gutter guards to help the water flow off the roof correctly without causing leaves and twigs to plug up the gutter system. Apply a moss killer to the roof to prevent it from growing on the roof. Moss is normally a sign that the roof is damaged underneath the shingles and could be causing serious health issues to arise, as mold and mildew can grow in the attic.

Inspect the Attic

To know if you are dealing with some major leaks, inspect the attic. Look for any signs of water damage, or water that is flowing down the beams. If you notice leaks, you need to identify where they are coming from. Replace the shingles, caulking, or flashing in these areas. The chimney area of the roof is prone to leaking as the rubber boots around the pipes can wear down and cause leaks.

Hire Professionals

A major roofing replacement can be an expensive, dangerous job. If you do not hire the right people, your home may be vulnerable during windstorms or other storms. It is important to obtain multiple bids for windstorm-certified roofs.

You need to know that you are paying the best company out there to install a quality roof on your home that will be able to withstand serious windstorms. With the right roofing maintenance, you can easily extend the lifespan of your roof and save yourself from expensive roofing repairs in the future.

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