July 18, 2024

Whether on vacation or spending a lazy Saturday by the pool, summertime is the perfect season to catch up on all the books you have been dying to read but haven’t had the time for.

Though there are hundreds of fantastic reads out there, here are the top five picks for this summer season:

1. The Fault in Our Stars

Tragically beautiful, John Greene writes about the horrors of cancer and the teenage lives it affects. The book chronicles the life of two teens in particular, Hazel who has untreatable cancer, and Gus who is in remission. Witty and brilliant, this book will be appreciated by teens and adults alike. And, while the book has been out for a little while, with the recent premier of the movie, there is no better time to sit and down read it before checking out the film.

2. The Book Thief

This book is set during World War II and chronicles the life of a young girl who uses her love of books to help her community survive the Holocaust. Liesel Meminger reminds her community and readers of the ability books have to feed the soul. This novel was also recently released as a film, and as it has since passed through theaters, be sure to check your Internet and TV listings in order to see the remarkable story after you’ve read it.

3. If I Stay

Critically acclaimed, this novel deals with life, love, and family. Seventeen-year-old Mia has lost her memory of a tragic accident that she experienced. She can remember all that has happened afterward, but the accident itself remains a mystery. Readers know only what Mia does—and learns about the accident as Mia remembers the details herself. Beautiful and heartbreaking, this story changes your outlook on life and stays with you for a long, long time.

4. Orphan Train

This novel takes place between 1854 and 1929 when a so-called orphan train ran regularly from the cities of the East coast to the Midwest farmlands. The fate of the children on the train was up to luck as none of them knew what family or where they would end up. The novel focuses on Vivian Daly, a young Irish immigrant sent by rail from New York City to an uncertain future.

Now, Vivian leads a quiet life, but her past memories are tucked away deep in the attic of her home. A troubled young girl who has grown up in the foster system has to help Vivian sort through her possessions. Moving between contemporary life and the Depression era, this novel is a powerful tale of resilience and second chances.

5. Midnight in Europe

In Paris in 1938, the shadow of the war on Europe darkens. Struggling against fascism and communism, this book details the ideas of spies and secret operatives in Paris, New York, Warsaw, and Odessa. Midnight in Europe reveals a country in darkness heading straight into a nightmare and the men and women who fought back at all costs doing whatever means necessary to protect their rights.

Image Source: www.theguardian.com

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