February 29, 2024

Even though the last thing you may think about is the air conditioner in any month other than summer, it’s important to maintain your unit throughout all the seasons. There’s nothing more frustrating than going to turn on your AC on a 95-degree day at the start of July and – no response. Then what? All the HVAC technicians are busy installing units around your community. Good luck trying to find one who’s available on short notice. That’s why you need to keep up with your AC unit all year long to pinpoint problems and address them quickly so they don’t become bigger. Check out these tips for how to maintain your system all year long.

Change the Filters in Summer

Just like the filters in your car, your air conditioner has filters than can get clogged by dirt, dust and debris. Given that the unit constantly circulates air from both inside and outside, it’s not hard to imagine the dirt that can get trapped. Failing to change out the filters in summer can lead to poor air quality and inefficient operation of the unit. When airflow is restricted, dirt can pass to the evaporator coil and prevent the coil from absorbing heat. You can lower your air conditioner’s energy consumption by five to 15 percent just by regularly changing your filters, says Energy.gov. The type of filter you have – reusable or replacement – will depend on the type of unit you have. If you have one that is reusable, thoroughly clean it in warm, soapy water, dry it, then return it to the unit. Change your filter once or twice per summer, or more frequently if you have pets or if you live near a construction site, for example, that is generating a lot of dust.

Closing up Shop for Fall and Winter

When the dog days of summer have bid their farewell, it’s time – reluctantly – to prepare for the harsh realities that fall and winter will bring. If you have a window unit, it’s time to either cover them outside with a seal-tight material that will protect it through the winter or remove the unit from the window completely. No matter which type you have, give it a good cleaning with a clean, damp rag to get all the dirt from summer off. If you have the removable type, store your unit in the box it came in, with all the padding and packing materials if possible to protect it until you will need its services again.

Spring Prep for your home

Preparing for the upcoming summer months in spring is a wise idea. You have plenty of time to call in a professional if you need it, and you can troubleshoot any issues that arise without feeling the pressure. It’s important to find a reliable AC repair technician in your area who can check the refrigerant, test for leaks, measure airflow, inspect electric terminals, check for worn belts or motors, and ensure the thermostat’s accuracy. There are many things you can do throughout the year to keep your air conditioner in tip-top shape. Just don’t neglect these tasks or you will pay for it come summer. Be diligent about service and you will be rewarded with cool, efficient, dirt-free air.

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