December 9, 2023

When renovating your child’s bedroom, or just making a few simple changes, you’ve no doubt thought about the lighting. After all, it’s one of the most important aspects of any room and can instantly transform the atmosphere if done right.

Therefore if you’re looking for some inspiration for lighting for your little one’s bedroom, then look n further. We’ve put together a list of some great ideas for illuminating your child’s bedroom to help make the space look great and to help spark their imagination without compromising on the functionality of the light.

Shaped night lights


Night lights are a great idea for your little one’s bedroom, and don’t have to be restricted to just their bedroom when they’re babies or really little. Invest in a slightly more ‘grown up’ one if your child still likes having a little light in their room but doesn’t want something that’s too babyish. We love this porcelain bird night light as it’s just the ticket for making your little one feel more mature but still giving them what they want and need. You can also get lots of other ones on that site, too.

Pretty or cool fairy lights

Fairy lights are a winner with kids of all ages (and adults!) and you’ll be a fan too as they don’t tend to use as much electricity as regular bulbs as they’re made up of lots of smaller ones. You can get plug-in or battery-operated fairy lights from most good home stores or online at sites like fairly cheaply, too. They look great draped around bed frames, mirrors, or other pieces of furniture. Your kids will love the magical feel they create and they’re a lot softer than bigger, main lights which makes them perfect for bedtime storytime!

Creative and interesting lampshades

shutterstock_128900354 (1)

If nighttimes aren’t always the most fun part of the day in your home, a fun lampshade can help change that by giving your kids something fun and interesting to look at whilst they (hopefully!) drift off to sleep. We really like this seascape glow-in-the-dark lampshade as we think the kids will love the luminous, friendly characters on the shade that they’ll still be able to see even when the light goes out, and they’ll hopefully help make bedtimes a little less daunting.

Illuminated letters or numbers

How about making their name or age a piece of illuminated artwork? You can make them feel like a celebrity by purchasing marquee-styled letters or numbers with LED lights around so their name can truly be ‘in lights’! You can even DIY this if you’re feeling particularly crafty and thrifty. There’s a great tutorial for doing so here. Once you’ve mastered it, you could get slightly more creative by spelling out some of their favorite quotes from books or movies, too. If you prefer a softer approach, they look great spelled out with fairy lights instead, which is quite a bit easier.

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