February 29, 2024

There are a lot of excellent reasons to keep your bathroom clean. A spotless bathroom looks great, smells fresh, and will help you stay healthy. You can keep your bathroom in superb shape with these easy steps.

Timing is Everything

Maintain a consistent routine to keep your bathroom looking good at all times. How often you choose to clean and the amount of time you spend doing it will most likely depend on your personality and schedule. You can opt for cleaning for two minutes every day and then a deeper 30-minute cleaning once a week. Another option: five minutes every day and 15 minutes once a week. Or, one minute every day and one hour a month. You can experiment to find a schedule that meets your needs.

Bathtub and Sinks

To clean both your bathtub and sink, it’s simple and economical to make a homemade, chemical-free cleaning product by mixing vinegar, dish soap, and a few essential oils in a spray bottle. Then, put a very small about of water in your tub or sink, so you won’t waste your cleaning product and to make it easier to wash and rinse. After spraying all surfaces with your cleaner, scrub with a brush, being sure to include the bottom surface. After you’re done, drain the plugged water, rinse with tap water, and wipe dry to boost the shine. In addition, you may find the whole cleaning process is easier and quicker if you keep surfaces clear of products and bathing accessories. And, schedule your cleaning for times soon after using the bathtub or sink so that warm water and steam can soften dirt and grime, making it easier to remove.

Clear Drains and Showerheads

To get rid of drain buildup from hair and toothpaste, try using a mixture and sequence that involves hot water, baking soda, and vinegar. First, pour boiling water into the drain, followed by one-half cup of baking soda. Allow it to sit for a couple of minutes, then add one cup each of boiling water and vinegar. Cover the drain for a bit, and then remove the cover so you can flush the drain with boiling water for a second time. Now you’re ready to put another one-half cup of vinegar down the drain. Cover and then flush with more boiling water. For showerheads clogged with minerals, place a plastic bag filled with white vinegar over the head, and tie it with a string, shoelace, or rubber band. Wait about 24 hours, and then scrub.

Mildew-Resistant Products

Choose shower curtains, rugs, and other bathroom products that are made with materials that resist moisture and mildew. If manufacturers’ care instructions give the okay to machine wash, wash them in cold water with your regular clothes detergent. You can also add old terry cloth towels so that rough fibers from the towels can help scrub away soap and mold. Then, hang to dry for a longer life.

Keep it Moving

Since bathrooms can become damp with regular use, throw open your windows and doors, use a dehumidifier, and turn on fans to promote airflow. Do this whenever possible, but when during bath time and for 30 minutes after bathing. Moving the air around will help to keep your bathroom dry and keep it smelling fresh.

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