February 23, 2024

Purchasing the right oriental rug for your home is important for many reasons. Not only can it add to the unique style and beauty of your home, but it can also provide lasting comfort for many years to come. So, before embarking on your rug-shopping adventure, you would be smart to learn as much as you can about oriental rugs. Here are a few things to consider to help you get started.

Size it Up

To help you size up your needs, make a simple drawing of your room, and be sure to include the dimensions of the room and your furniture. Take your drawing and a photo of your room with you when you go shopping so your carpet salesperson can help you find something that you like. As for the size of the carpet itself, you have two choices. You can either place all of your furniture on top of the rug, which means you will need to purchase a larger rug.

Or, you can choose the more traditional method of placing most of your furniture around the rug, with just the coffee table in the middle. In the dining room, size will depend on your dining room table and chairs. Dining room rugs should be big enough for the table and chairs to sit on top of the carpet, with the chairs pulled away from the table. Consider the size of other items in your room, too. For example, a tiny rug placed in front of a giant couch may look out of place.

Several rugs of different patterns.

The Real Deal

To make sure that you buy an authentic, handmade oriental rug, ask questions, read labels, and look for clues on the rug itself. Authentic rugs are made in middle eastern regions, such as Afghanistan, China, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Tibet, and Turkey. A Persian rug is also an oriental rug, but they are a type that is made in Iran and known for its superior workmanship, materials, and value. They will also have the same designs on the front and back, with no mesh on the back. And, since they are made one at a time on wooden looms, you will not see any machine stitching. However, do keep in mind that since they are handcrafted, they may also have minor inconsistencies and imperfections.

Quality Counts

Oriental rugs are recognized for their quality, handmade workmanship, and complex designs. and beautiful natural dyes. Many contain an abundance of knots that are sometimes intricately designed. They have tight weaves that are detailed enough so that you can clearly distinguish design details. And, they are made with superior-grade wools, silks, cotton, and sheep hair.

All About Style and Color

Selecting an oriental rug that works with the textures, colors, and themes of your existing room can enhance the elements of your room’s design. Your needs and tastes will influence whether or not you choose a carpet with fringe, intricate designs, or bright colors. These rugs can complement most room sizes, colors, lighting, artwork, and furniture. For example, some rooms will look bigger and better with lighter color rugs. Other rooms can benefit from darker colors because it makes them seem more cozy and comfortable. Finally, try to select a rug style that makes you feel good since a good quality rug will probably be in your home for a very long time.

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